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Branding lesson from ‘A Good Man Is Hard To Find’

Author: yinkaolaito

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Brand promiseBrand platformThose who insist on learning from a  line of thought associated with their pattern will miss opportunity in other sources they think cannot teach them anything. I am beginning to see that some movies have in them capacity to teach us greater professional lessons we cannot learn elsewhere. For those who know, I am not a fan of movie. But occasionally I take time to watch some recommended ones. I am often amazed at the level of professional lessons we can all learn from entertainment industry if we care to. I just finished watching ‘A Good Man Is Hard To Find’. This movie is produced by Oak Porcelli. The movie features Darren D Henson, Bishop Noel Jones, Deborah Cox, Erica Campbel, Rachael Nicks and Golden Brooks among others.

The story line revolves around a mechanic (Clarence) who married a lady (Rachel) of his dream. Both are Christian and love their creator so much. Clarence wanted Rachel to live to the fullest of her potentials and therefore work hard to ensure Charlene had University education up to Masters’ of Business Administration level. After her degree, Rachel wanted a job and searched for one which she eventually got. Clarence is dedicated to his work and he is also a committed volunteer in Boy’s reformation and counselling outreach of his church. This along the line began to affect the marriage because he did not know how to create the balance.

While Clarence faces challenges associated with some single parent (women especially) who needed companionship and appreciated his commitment in the church; the wife also faced the challenge of a boss who wanted an affair and believe the mechanic husband did not match up to a very dedicated, polished Rachel. Rachel was able to resist this for a while but the lack of understanding demonstrated by an ‘ignorant’ husband as well as a busy church volunteer gave chance to extra-marital affairs. While Clarence was able to avoid ‘deep relationship’, Rachele eventually gave in to a smooth-tongue boss.

Prior to this time, other people around the couple noticed the drift early. The pastor called Clarence and warned him against allowing ‘God’s work’ to disrupt his family life. Clarence will not see reason for a long while. A friend to Rachel also cautions her against unnecessary closeness to the Casanova boss but she would not think the closeness can lead to anything serious. While this continues for sometimes, both eventually came to their senses and retraced their steps.

With this avowed commitment, they were able to reform Clarence’s stepson from drug addiction. They were also able to help some of their colleagues who had challenges with their unions. There are several lessons to pick from the movie-this depends on what an individual is looking for- my take out for those who want to build strong brands includes:

Everyone/every brand will have opportunity to cheat: Irrespective of which industry you find yourself, whether profit or non-profit, everyone will have opportunity to cheat. The only thing that will save an individual from the ‘rotten apple’ will be the determination, sense of purpose as well as vision. Many will tell you ‘others are cutting corners without been caught’. In one of the scenes in the movie, a woman who just lost her husband desired an intimate affairs with Clarence right there at the funeral service. Clarence claim that he is a deacon and a married man got the feedback ‘every deacon is a married man’.

Listen: No matter how busy, dedicated and pious you may think you are, please listen to your body, environment. When the cracks in Clarence and Charlene marriage started, Rachel complaint but Clarence thought ‘he is busy for God’. Even when the pastor called his attention to the stress he is pushing the relationship through.

Look at the world from other’s point of view: when we continually view the world from our own point of view without a consideration for the brand audience, who eventually owns the brand, we will think all our actions are right. Consider and look at issues from your brand’s audience instead of what you think is right

Mark those who unnecessarily put you on the spot: Individual, brand owners/ custodian must note that no relationship is forced on them. They must continually monitor, watch their brand association. Note every brand association that puts you on the stop to corrupt your brand’s platforms. Cut off from such except you really want to.

When or if you fail: Always acknowledge and retrace your steps to the right spot. Own up to this and make a commitment to doing it right. Realise that trying to cover up in this age of social media will backfire big time. Today’s post appears ‘preachy’. Please forgive me if you are offended. But I believe these lessons will help our brands to stand tall today and tomorrow. That film also comes with recommendation from me. Word of mouth advantage you say?

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