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Hilary Clinton on how to build solid Government affairs or diplomatic relations with social media

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Hilary Clinton, Hilary Clinton and Public Diplomacy, Hilary Clinton and Social media use for Public Affairs, Social Media and Public Diplomacy, Social Media and Public affairsNo one is a stranger to the emergence of Internet-based social media tools which has made it possible for organization, nations to communicate with thousands of people about their values and whatever they represent. This change to communication platform is making effective Government affairs/relations and diplomatic relations, public policy campaign and engagement without the use social media communication tools a bit challenging.

Tara Sonenshine, US under-secretary for Public Diplomacy and Public affairs once maintained ‘to be truly effective in modern world, public diplomacy needs social media’. She also affirmed ‘if we do not join that vibrant arena, we will become irrelevant’’.  In a recent global ‘Townterview’ by out-going US secretary of State-Hilary Clinton, Hilary Clinton was asked what she think is the most powerful diplomatic tools? Hilary Clinton asserted ‘if any nation (italics mine) intends to restore a damage image or any issue at that, nations must be willing to reach out and be willing to be everywhere in the world. This is because effective engagement of nations or organizations’ stakeholder requires a two-way communication processes.

Since organizations and nations have diverse and widely dispersed audience who want information, interaction and crave for attention and engagement of their own views, no other media can effectively produce precise result like the new media tools. While no one is denying the fact that traditional media is an essential tool, the immediacy and speed at which social media tools can spread information make it a better tool to apply. Social media tool may and cannot replace face to face meeting and contact but can be used in intelligence gathering. It can also a useful tool that can be deployed before a face to face meeting is initiated.

 Aside from what Hilary Clinton said about values of social media to public, Government affairs as well as diplomatic relations, it is obvious to accept the fact that  if any organization or nation must fully maximize its public affairs and diplomatic strategies, the use of social media communication tool will assist in no small way. The under listed points may be reasons for this. We must maintain though this is not exhaustive.

It helps in effective engagement of people and organization at a global level: when it comes to reach and accessibility, social media can better enhance instance engagement of all publics involved.

It bridges faster the gap of misinformation: nations and organization can quickly and speedily nip in the bud every form of misinformation stakeholders have about any corporate or national values and actions.

It strengthens two-way communication: two way communication, effective feedback management is fundamental to solid public affairs and diplomatic relationship building. Using a one way communication method will damage corporate or national strategies. Using social media which prides itself dialogue and fostering instant feedback will help.

It helps in deepening public diplomacy: when the above are achieved, better understanding of what a nation or organization represents is engendered. Hence social/digital tools can help in strengthening better and deeper diplomacy.

It aids in faster settlement of international audience misgivings: misgivings are rife everywhere. It has led to major crises and unwarranted wars. Social media can help in communicating government or organization point of views.

It helps in communicating organization and nation’s ongoing actions in resolving or building transparency among stakeholders.

It helps in building responsible dialogue about nation and organization’s actions

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