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Rebranding and Repositioning: how to escape ‘Me Too”- A case study

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Miley cyrus,Miley Cyrus scandal,Miley cyrus rebranding strategy, Sadhbw Walshe,Miley cyrus repositioning,Better rebranding,repositioning strategy, How to Make your rebranding a Wow, online repositioningMiley Cyrus is a good artiste we like with passion. We are just hoping no one misconstrue our ongoing review of what we considered as a rebranding and repositioning tactic of this twenty year old singer. We also believe her Publicists are doing a great work in this. But when an action calls for professional analysis, we must not shy away from this.

Miley Cyrus has been in the news for various reasons in a bid to reposition her brand from ‘a child role model’ to an adult and relevant brand. In our previous post, we did examine her strategy in MTV Video Award which caused much negative uproaras well as her recent rant on twitter with another artiste. Many of her supporters had argued her publicists are on point with such strategy. One of them did argue she was repositioning to be another Rihanna or Lady Gaga from ‘Hannah Montana view’.  A great opinion had no problem with.

This last statement raised the issue of purpose of rebranding and reposition. With this in mind, we did some researches. An online writer opinion on rebranding purpose and process did say ‘Rebranding is the creation of a new look and feel for an established product in order to differentiate the product from its competitors. Rebranding efforts may include a name change, new logo or packaging and updated marketing materials that include the latest industry buzzwords. The goal of rebranding is to influence a customer’s perception about a product or service by revitalizing the brand and making it seem more modern and relevant to the customer’s needs’.

While we acknowledged there is no evil in rebranding especially in this age of ever changing marketplace, where audience perceptions are prone to change or shift in a direction not intended. When this happens, profits and levels of engagement are the first attack centre. Hence there is need to evolve to stand out and maintain right position. In trying to this, there is need for caution. When rebranding is hastily done, it may amount to a waste of time. Sometimes one may become a second fiddle or engage in ‘See me I am here’ project.

We saw in this lists by another author, certain thing to consider when considering rebranding: is your existing brand in variant with your business strategy?, is your existing image, perception outdated?, what problem will the new position achieve? Are the changes in market’s competitive landscape affecting your growth potential? Has there been a change in targets’, customers’ profile? Is this brand associated with something negative? Is the current brand’s position out of step with demands of the market? Is the rebranding process a stepping stone(evolutionary) or mile stone (revolutionary) and will this rebranding still be effective or right in the next 5, 10 or 15 years?

With these in mind, some Miley cyrus’s actions may be in line but most are possibly working against a long time workable strategy in our own opinion. Miley Cyrus publicists need a rethink and must not make her brand a copy of any of the brands around. They must strive to make her brand as original as it was till now.

A good advice to Miley cyrus by Sadhbw Walshe   in this article did say ‘If this was her intention, it didn?t help her cause that she was leading a pack of scantily clad women who are all clamoring for the attentions of one fully dressed man who looks as though he can?t wait to get away from them. Instead she came off as a kid trying to play grown up in an industry not designed for innocents. If she learns anything from this disastrous outing, I hope it?s that if she’s going to allow the music industry to play her as a sex object, she needs to at least own it’.

Our last shot for now, Please do rebrand with an eye on the there sixty degree perspective and do consider a long time effect and not a temporary, mirage gain. Fame is often short live.

N.B. this article was first posted here about a month ago but was ‘mysteriously’ pull down without our consent.

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