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11 reasons why you cannot ignore digital tools in 2015

Author: yinkaolaito

Yinka Olaito is happy,excited and passionate Communications & Media specialist, Trainer and speaker. Yinka Olaito helps Profits and Non-profits with effective communication and positioning for premium service delivery and returns. Yinka Olaito also has special interest in Development Communication and has consulted for noted UN Agencies. Yinka Olaito is the CCO of Michael Sage Consulting(Communication/digital media), African Child Education Right Initiatives(NGO) and Content Director, Africa Development Talk( online Platform for discussion on Policy, Governance, development across Africa) and Africa Foundation for Young Media Professionals

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Digital tools are here to stay. There is a whole lot of wisdom in it if we quickly engage them at both personal and corporate level. It is increasingly difficult for any one to ignore social tools. In previous  article we decided  for once to go with the naysayers by helping them to feel cool for their choice of not wanting to touch digital tools. All we know is that the race is just starting.

According to statistics, less than 4billion across the globe is presently using the tools. Now if the half of the world is not using these tools yet and we are finding it increasingly difficult to operate without these tools, can you imagine what will happen by 2030 when the world population would have increased and almost everyone is expected to be using these tools?

Here today,  what we want to do is to help everyone who may have something against the use of digital tools. It appears to all, there seems to be no escape route as long as we want live on this planet Earth. We may chose not to engage the use of all the available and myriad tools but we must make an informed choice in applying some of the digital tools that can meet our needs, moods and disposition.  To help us make this decision, it will be helpful here to examine some of the good reasons for digital media tools use.

Information democratisation: unlike before where information is held in trust. Today information has become democratised.  With the snap of a finger one can now find out relevant information that used to be exclusive rights of the privileged few. It is on record, information management will continue  to be part of personal and corporate life management, but the earlier we are used to the fact that things cannot longer be done in secrecy will helps us.

Power devolution: as a  fall out of the above,  power is also now being democratised.  Prior to now the leaders often think the followers are helpless without them. Ditto for customer and Producers’ relationship. The advent of digital tools has shifted power equation from the overlords, brand owners to the followers and customers. Slavery, oppression is being gradually eliminated. Unnecessary dominance is also becoming things of the past. The oppressed are now having a say. Nothing is practically hidden again.

Global visibility: today no one is out of  reach, in a practical sense.  Every local news can gain global traction. Local News are now covered by international media long before some citizens within the locality know. Ordinary people break news at will now. Before, many news will take a week before it was covered by the weekly tabloid. With the use of digital tools, an average person can now monitor news from far and wide. One other benefit is the ability of average  Jack on the street who has something worthwhile to say to gain global attention. Every thing online today has the potential of gaining global visibility if it is hot enough to propel global attention.

Global alliance formation: before, it was difficult to form global alliance. Only Multinational as well as United Nations could afford such luxury because of the cost involved and other logistics. But you and I know the reverse is the case now. Do you have a great cause you have been nursing and you are thinking about what to do, engage the use of digital tools and see how miracles can happen

Crowdsourcing: in addition to the above, every great cause, intention has the advantage of Crowdsourcing as well as crowd funding now. Your great idea can be fine-tuned when you know how to ask questions from your global friends. Many issues which appear difficult become simplified when we ask other people who are knowledgeable or are better exposed than we do. The wisdom of the crowd today can safe you and your brand from possible calamities you have never imagined. Great ideas have also seen the light of the day because the owner engage crowd funding online. Many lives have been saved just because someone thought of crowd funding for them to be saved.

Information preservation/knowledge management: people say whatever you write on paper is never lost. This may be true but as we all know, there is a modification to this.  Anytime there is fire outbreak, the papers are gone for life. Precious knowledge and information which could serve next generation are gone. With digital tools, there are also possiblility of loss of data too. But the wisdom here is ability to store the information in several places at a time. When you do proper information back up and management, it is as good as storing the information as long as the earth remains.

Access to huge resources:digital tools give us access to huge resources. Beyond search engine, which I recently learned  only store 40% of the visible data online. There are other invisible data which forms the other 60% if we know how to annex the huge resources. What a world and privilege this age is living in? A world of untold opportunities as we are told information is a social capital we can trade with.

It reduces stress level: with the right use of digital tools, human stress level can be reduced. One can find out what weather situation is around the world without having to make a call. One can do calculations without having to scratch one’s Brian.  One can also set up reminders for different upcoming events through the use of various Personal digital assistant tools among many other opportunities provided for those who are living in this age. Can you afford to stay away?

Creativity: digital tools have also helped in increasing personal creativity. By researching, you can see what has been done elsewhere and know what improvement you can bring to the table. In many cases what we often considered a top notch project will become a child play if we do some background online research in the field. With this background knowledge, you can know what to do, add so you can become the raving star of the moment.

Thought and idea preservation: many thoughts and ideas had been lost just because we do not write them them. Today one does not really to carry big book and pen.one can jot down ideas through cloud computing on the go.

It helps to build global collateral: many are still ignorant in this area. When you use digital tools to your own advantage, you are gradually gathering building blocks for a strong global collateral that you can use in case of any emergency. I have heard of someone who escaped being mistakenly killed because the assailant thought he was their target. But a request that the assailants Google his name and what he represents changed the course of his life. Many had appeared on the border of  foreign land only to be asked  to identify himself  and Google search becomes the only help. What about people who want to do business with other people abroad? Countless had been saved from mistaken identity just because a background check was conducted online with few physical contacts.

Now do you truly have great reason to r u  from digital tolls Please share and let us see if we can help.


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