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Managing brand reputation: ALIBABAGCFR ‘ SHOWBIZINTERACTIVE’ Case study

Author: yinkaolaito

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CkQoqpBTKt-bs3qzHGG6FEcCa624Kk7lkqYanuGcGoXdEeMjX0w8GWUFBEo5eJwcjQ=w300-1We live in a delicate age. This age may bring  a mixed feeling to everyone, this is especially so for household names, celebrities etc. Many brands reputation will suffer for no just cause. There are hawks and lazy people around now looking for the next big names to bully, insult online. This age calls for constant overhaul of brand reputation arsenal. This is not an age to say something and go to sleep. Each brand must keep and eye on the fall out or what is now called ‘professional morning after’.

Professional morning after helps you to keep an eye on the effect of the fun you had, game you played and places you went to a night or day before.  No matter how much joy you derive from what you are doing, as long as you are in public eye you need to do a lot of monitoring. Only people with little knowledge  will overlook this. In our previous piece, we did examine a case study and pointed out what could have been done differently.

Unfortunately this individual and her cronies misinterpreted our notion and resulted to insult hauling. But today we have a perfect example of a household name, showbiz personality extraordinaire in person of Mr. Akpobome popularly known as ‘ALIBABAGCFR’ who displayed right attitude and maturity without leaving anything to chances. Therefore this case study is worth examining and we strongly believe many others can learn from this.

For those living in Nigeria, we  know we are now in  election time.  Everything is now viewed from political affiliations point of view. As we know people see with their minds and not with their eyes. Many things are being done to promote candidates especially the Presidential ones. The incumbent has done and is still doing everything to be returned to power. A major opposition has not gone to sleep also. In the past four weeks President Goodluck Jonathan team has concentrated all efforts in the  South West and there is practically no segment of the society he had not met except the rural delegates.

Yesterday, 15th March, 2015 was specifically dedicated to Show business personalities. For those who know ALIBABAGCFR, many would have thought he would not get invitation because of his stance for good governance, passion for his dear country. ALIBABAGCFR through his twitter handle will not spare anyone. It is on record he had granted an interviewed where he strongly ‘sent a word’ to  Nigerian First Lady Dame Patience Jonathan. To cut the long story short, ALIBABAGCFR got an invitation to be part of the ‘Interactive with the President stuff. Being a household name and given the fact that many viewed his presence in this event  as ‘abnormal’, they took to the social media to haul insult while many praised him for going and doing the right thing. Of all the showbiz personalities, it was him alone that asked Mr President a question that could help the industry.

For many, we could see his passion for his industry and dear country. Because of this, many accused him of coming so strong on the President. But while he enjoyed or carry the day for his action at the event, the few negative voices against him was personally attended to by ALIBABAGCFR through his twitter handle. He used his twitter handle to clear some grey matters raised by some of his fans. Despite the fact that he could have been silent or maintained ‘ I do not care attitude’. He was smart enough to speak out why he attended the meeting. According to him, he is a frontline showbiz personality and he got invitation based on that. He maintained that before he accepted the invitation he told the organisers he would want to ask the President a question that is closed to his heart. This he did. ALIBABAGCFR maintained the leadership we expected from such brand. Instead of name calling and mudslinging jokes cracked by others, ALIBABAGCFR stood out and his name enjoyed maximum mentioned than any other comedian or showbiz personalities at the event.

As it should be expected, many accused him of going to the event because of the money involved. ALIBABAGCFR did not leave anything to chances, he took time to explain he collected nothing for his appearance at the event. He owes no one such explanation as he is entitled to his appearance fee if he had chosen to send in the bill. But because he understands what he stands to gain through openness, transparency he used his twitter handle to clear the air. At the end, ALIBABAGCFR image soars instead going down.

The moral of the lessons:

1.A brand gains more when it places value on its reputation: Silence may be golden but sometimes it is better to clear your name without being rude, insulting.  One can do this no matter the level of provocation.

2.Never allow rumour mill to thrive: when there is absence of correct information, people will fill in the gap for you. There is nothing bad in ‘clearing the air’. That does not hurt anyone. That empowers your fans to stand up for you.

3. Not many people will stand for you if there is no correct information out there: today we see ALIBABAGCFR  image  soaring from both his fans and haters. He went ahead of the pack by  relating with everyone. He gave  the little  amount of insider information that is required without spilling the total bean. There is wisdom in this.

4. Those who enjoy greater engagement are never arrogant: the brand ALIBABAGCFR is made. It needs no explanation to anyone to retain his glory and image. Yet he was humble enough to ‘clear the air’, give necessary information that can help build more loyalty from many who are ‘nobody’. He sees beyond today. He also refrained from abusive or hate words even when he was provoked by many. This is a mark of strong leadership brand and we must all learn from this. Kudos to Nigeria King of Comedy. We celebrate your wisdom for this here. Let upcoming brands learn from this.

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