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Mark Zuckerberg in Nigeria, the brand and the euphoria

Author: yinkaolaito

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Mark  Zuckerberg in Nigeria, Noise about Zuckerberg ' s dressing in NigeriaMark Zuckerberg is in Lagos Nigeria.  This is his first trip to sub Sahara Africa is no longer news.  The big deal behind this euphoria of his coming to Nigeria has created is that the itinerary was not made public as it would have been expected of a billionaire of his status.

I imagined a Nigerian of that calibre and status entering the most populous black nation. Zuckerberg does not know how to enjoy his money. The funfare, paparazzi would have been unimaginable.

The so called ‘Aso ebi’ and different ethnic groups wanting to claim ‘ownership’ of their illustrious son entering town.

Zuckerberg is not like that. He came in unannounced,  wore a tee shirt and jeans with a canvass, propably. The guy also said he is here to learn. Whaat? Learn from whom?

But as you would have noticed he watched children doing their bit at CC-HUB in Yaba. Another type one error. He did not go first to visit dignitaries or off to high brow area in Ikoyi/Banana Island.

Anyway the gist had been on Mark Zuckerberg’ sense of of dressing. Everyone seems to like the simplicity of his style. I have read comments of women saying he is their kind of men. I wish this is so.  Everyone is the friend of a rich guy. Everything a rich guy does is often the ideal.

Checking on twitter Japhet Omojuwa had counseled, ‘ if you are nobody, do not dress like Zuckerberg you may not get a pass’ to enter a dirty mechanic shop.

When you are still building a brand, dress for where you are going and not where you are. Dress to fit your industry and your conscience. Zuckerberg can dress the way he was seentoday even to the Presidency and everyone will still celebrate him. Let a motor mechanic with invitation to the presidency dress in his workshop coat and see what happens.

The moral:

Know where you are at the ladder of success: do not copy a billionaire like Dangote and wear 100 Naira slippers to great event. You will be shocked

Consistency and been known for your style:  if you are not Zuckerberg,  do not dress like him. Zuckerberg had created a brand wearing simple dress all his life even in his office. He did not start this today so do not misrepresent yourself trying to be someone you are not.

The more you grow up the more simplicity you must embrace:  as your brand becomes global, you really do not need to impress anyone any more. Become more of yourself and not any other.

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