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Big Brother Nigeria 2017, 33 Strategies of War and…

Author: yinkaolaito

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Big Brother Nigeria 2017, What is the business since in Big Brother Niferia, Big Brother Nigeria house mates strategiesBig Brother Nigeria 2017 housemates and the dramaBig Brother Nigeria 2017 is going to be a week today. Despite the controversy surrounding a reality game show named after Nigeria, with huge advert and sponsors coming from Nigeria soil while the show is holding in South Africa. The show seems to be moving on with 12 housemates: Bally, Biola, coco ice, Tboss, Kemen, soma, Marvis, Uriel, Miyonce, Gifty among others.

The first week as usual has been a bit dull as the reality of the game has not down on many or shall we say they are all still perfecting their strategies. There is supposed to be elimination party today but based on all the reviews we have read, Biggie as the organizer is called may let all the housemates enjoy a taste of freedom without elimination this week.

Anyway that is not the essence of this piece. But to justify some of the reviews we have read online and how the individual acts of the housemates had promoted principles outline in Robert Green’s classic book: The 33 Strategies of War.

No one goes to such competition without a strategy to win. Like Bally said, ‘we are all here for ourselves not really to make friends per se’. It means all of them have their eyes on the prize since this is supposed to be a winner – takes -it all reality. No sane person will just go there just to expose their body( or all other social vices that may accompany the reality) just to go and laugh and be seen on Television screen. That is too childish reason.

Some of the things Robert Green advocated in his book if one must gain power and win in this kind of war/scenarios are: Declare war on your enemies, do not loose your presence, create a sense of urgency and desperation, command and control strategy, segment your forces, pick your battles carefully and create a threatening presence etc.

Looking at this critically, there are two ladies who seem to be out to be employing all these codes based on our online reviews. Gifty and Uriel stood out in the first week. While one is thiny and fair in complexion, the other is dark and on the big size at least when they are compared. Gifty power of manipulation on soma and Miyonce is beyond ordinary. Gifty is subtle in applying these so Miyonce and Soma keep falling flat to her weapon of war strategies One will thinks she brings them here.

Gifty uses her remote control of command and control like magic and the two guys seem not to understand this girl is controlling what they do. She is in control of her senses all the time while these two guys are losing it once in a while. Saturday party saw them drinking beyond what they could handle while Gifty concentrated on drinking juice so she could be in control.

Sometimes gifty wear highly revealing dress on purpose but unfortunately soma and Miyonce could not handle this yet.

Gifty created a strong guard on her territory none of them could go beyond the limit she grants them. Cocoice needs to grow beyond smoking cigarette and drinking beer in the house also.

Uriel, a bit older than giffty is cleverly choosing her war strategy and trying hard to build her allies despite the fact that she substituted Marvin ?for herself and she out-performed many during the Saturday evening event.

She strategically choose what to wear, sometimes revealing but with a sense she is in a game and she needed all the ‘body exposure’ strategy to stay on.

Marvis, a talkative may spring surprises but much is yet to been seen from her strategy to go home with the money. Same for Bisola and TBoss who assume people will vote for their stay in the Big Brother Nigeria house just by being vocal and ‘exposing body cleavages’ mechanism.

On the guys’ side, Bally seems to know what he is doing by creating a threatening psychological presence without having to use words . Kemen also seems poised for the money. But for guys like Miyonce, Soma and Efe they need to wake up beyond just laughing and being tom boys if they are really serious.

Soma and Miyonce must break from the claw of gifty now if they are not risking early elimination. Efe’s sense of indiscipline with beer may be his undoing.

#This article is not an endorsement for Big Brother Nigeria from the author’s point of view as his values may run at variant with the concept but this does not stop professional analysis which this platform is all about

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