We can help bring great turn around to you, your organization in the following ways:


i. Corporate strategy development

ii.Campaign and advocacy

iii. Communication strategy

MEDIA, Journalism, Communications

i. Media convergence, digital journalism, ?social media and media effectiveness

ii. Corporate communications, ?external and internal communications, ?Diplomacy, Stakeholders relations, ?Public Affairs

Digital Media, Digital Branding and PR

Digital reputation management

Customer, online community engagement

Relationship building

Conference facilitation, seminar, training

Sequel to the demands of our community and the opportunities in our clime. Michael Sage consulting, Lagos Nigeria has decided to help our audience to understand the intricacies that guide MEDIA(Digital & Orthodox), DEVELOPMENT,Communications etc, we have established MICHAEL SAGE DIGITAL INSTITUTE which runs both weekend and during the week programme.

Our faculty combines a blend of ‘street and gown’ or what you call Academic and Industry experts.