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Yinka Olaito

30 August 2016 0 Comments Read 787 Times

Mark Zuckerberg in Nigeria, the brand and the euphoria

Mark Zuckerberg is in Lagos Nigeria.  This is his first trip to sub Sahara Africa is no longer news.  The big deal behind this euphoria of his coming to Nigeria has created is that the itinerary was not made public as it would have been expected of a billionaire of his status. I imagined a […]

3 August 2016 0 Comments Read 684 Times

CEO’s words as bomb? RCCG’s General Overseer’s Case Study

People say there are things that cannot be recovered.  Time, when wasted, words, when spoken. There are people who say a lot of rubbish and people never paid attention and there are people when they sneezed it is immediately amplified beyond normal especially in this hyper connected world. Watch your back is a great advice […]

6 July 2016 1 Comment Read 1119 Times

Private Schools and the need for strong communication unit: Cayley College Case study

We live in a dynamic time. Only ignorant people overlook the need for strong communication unit in their establishments. The level of ignorance is so high in this space. Check which department is least funded if it is established at all. Check which department’s staff are laid off as soon as there is economic downturn. […]

13 May 2016 1 Comment Read 1120 Times

David Cameron unpresidential gaffe: Case study/Public relations Implication

David Cameron, The United Kingdom Prime Minister, is known for tact and high sense of diplomacy. But three days ago In a pre event meeting with the Queen of England, a build up towards London Anti-Corruption summit which will end today, David Cameron was having a private conversation with others and he unwittingly made unsavoury […]

15 April 2016 0 Comments Read 926 Times

Here are the 6 factors that affect your online engagement strategy

Engagement is the current buzzword since the advent of social communication tools, albeit technology. While engagement is essential before, today, its impact has gone beyond the roof. No serious communication or marketing/sales person can neglect social communication tools. Even leaders who can not build strong support and high engagement virility around the company’s objective, vision […]

4 February 2016 0 Comments Read 2207 Times

How to communicate with power and presence

How to communicate effectively, how to communicate with authority, power and presence, communication techniques

One major error we have seen many are making in life is that they are overlooking the importance of communication. Many often paid a lot to get required hard skills in their trade and ignore the most vital element of success. The few that are smarter, so to say, like Politician, successful business wo/men, understand […]

15 January 2016 0 Comments Read 3074 Times

4 Key Tips Essential to Every Successful Customer-Centric Marketing Strategy

With more than 3.65 billion unique mobile users worldwide, there can be little argument that mobile marketing is an absolutely necessary part of any successful advertising strategy. Creating a campaign that wins you fans and converts readers into costumers almost goes without saying, but how do you accomplish that? What makes your content truly actionable? […]

30 December 2015 0 Comments Read 3189 Times

5 ways To Change Journalism/Media Landscape in Nigeria

Journalism, like any other profession is witnessing a great change. It takes real professional with hindsight to note this and change. The playing field rules are no longer constant even though there are resemblance. Like someone rightly said, Journalists, broadcasters today are no longer ‘the gate keeper’ of information as they used to be. Other […]

22 October 2015 0 Comments Read 3749 Times

Email and SMS Marketing: Values and Legal Implications

With the advent of technology, albeit Internet, comes the benefits of varied means of communication. These tools can be regarded as mass but private communication tools between a brand and its potential and real audiences. Email and short message (sms) which can be regarded as mobile text communication had gained a wide use in creating […]

19 October 2015 0 Comments Read 3277 Times

Brand communication & engagement: The choice of influencers’ marketing

There is no denying the fact that when it comes to brand communication and engagement in this age, influencers’ marketing and relationship support is vital. The challenge is how to do it well. Last week I was facilitating two sessions on how to develop best social media strategy that works for communication and Public Relations […]