13 April 2010 66 Comments

Social Media and the legal profession

 Last weekend I was at The Nigerian Bar Association, Ibadan Oyo state Nigeria meeting. I had the privilege of speaking to lawyers, some of whom have being practicing for decades as well as young ones. Social media is affecting the dynamics of the way we all operate either as business owner, individual or professional. Interestingly, […]

18 June 2009 2 Comments

Brand and its networks

Many times we all hear the old but true clichés, your network is your net-worth. The same goes for it is not what you know but who knows you, knows what you do very well and can recommend you to others that counts. Many say they do not have any network because they do not […]

15 April 2009 10 Comments

Merits of a brand community

We can look at a community in different ways. But here we see a community as a group of people, who believe in an idea, choose to live together through common systems and who believe in the healthy propagation of community values, ideas. With strong community, brands have realized over the years the need to […]