5 August 2014 1 Comment

We are still the best customer service provider- GTBank’s Team

In our previous posts, especially this, we did mention some of the initial outstanding pioneering works GTBANK digital media team introduced into Banking industry in Nigeria. It was based on this we asked the question if the bank is losing its grip. We also examined the impact of the last weekend’ s approach in the […]

13 September 2012 9 Comments

Impact of Social proof on target decision

As an individual, my focus when it comes to anything in life is inclined towards quality over quantity. When it comes to Social marketing, I still have not changed this perception but event surrounding success in social media platforms is probably making me to do a rethink. That does not mean I am throwing caution […]

5 May 2011 6 Comments

Brand communication: touching right spot with social media

The revolution in commuication tools is encouraging  all-comers affairs. No serious brand has cogent reason today if it fails to reach and bond with its stakeholders. The low barriers to social media tools are enough encouragement for any brand. But as much as this is true, many brand custodians believe that they can just wake […]

26 October 2010 21 Comments

Brand communications: how to effectively reach your audience

Today’s marketplace is stuffy. To effectively communicate a brand’s uniqueness, value requires tact, proper understanding of the terrain and customers’ pathway. Brand communication is certainly a complex work for many. This is unlike what obtained a few decades ago.  The complexity is traceable to the fact that there are myriads of brands today than ever […]

28 August 2009 9 Comments

Brand target:do you know them?

Understanding the target makes your brand effective. Your audience is form the bedrock of your brand. They determine whether your brand will excel or not. If you do not know the basic facts about your target in terms of demographics, age, social strata, income etc. To create the right product or service will be an […]