14 July 2011 8 Comments

Audience Engagement: why your efforts suck

 We live in an age and time when strong audience engagement is vital. Audience engagement speaks volume when commitment is required from all the stakeholders. The varied numbers of social networking sites are not helping the matter for most brands. To some, if our audience are scattered, where do we begin from is a constant […]

5 July 2011 30 Comments

Brand communication: how to make your target happy

We live in the age of attention span deficiency. Yet brand must evolve, engage or die. There are no two ways to this. Those who understand the trick. Brand targets want to bond, but many things are craving for their attention. Like we maintained a brand must look for a space and owned it otherwise […]

5 May 2011 6 Comments

Brand communication: touching right spot with social media

The revolution in commuication tools is encouraging  all-comers affairs. No serious brand has cogent reason today if it fails to reach and bond with its stakeholders. The low barriers to social media tools are enough encouragement for any brand. But as much as this is true, many brand custodians believe that they can just wake […]

17 February 2009 4 Comments

Brand as lifetime relationship

Individual brand owner must see brand as a lifetime relationship. As we know, relationships have responsibilities and its headache. Sometimes it works and sometimes it fails. With every strong relationship there is need for change in perspective with regards to process rejuvenation, lubrication for the relationship to work out to the best advantage of every […]

8 January 2009 Comments Off on Brand equity building

Brand equity building

Brand equity is the sustained value that customers placed on your brand over others. Brand equity is built through a consistent and sustained delivery of promise. This suggests that brand equity is built over time. Equity is not built in a day. Merely understanding the equity markets is enough should tell an individual something vital […]

2 January 2009 5 Comments

Strong emotional connection

Every brand that has been successful has managed its relationship with its stakeholder beyond clients-provider level. Because people buy brands like the way they make friends. There is a level of intimacy that is involved. A genuine interest has to be established. Like in the religious world, ‘one spirit must enter’ both parties. For emotional […]