17 January 2014 0 Comments

Brand communication: the impact of brand storytelling on corporate success

Story makes us reflect on what used to be. Story telling is an age long art that many will cherish. We all love and remember bedtime’s stories because of their soothing, calming effects. Prior to now, many think telling their stories will make them vulnerable. They believed the past must be abandoned where it was. […]

25 September 2012 6 Comments

Social media steroid: dangers of being ‘high’ without significance

No one is immune today from the social media steroid. A recent info-graphics showed that out of over 950Millions Facebook users only 47% are males. This same stat also pointed out that over 500 Million Facebook users log on daily either to read or post content. This stat also showed that ages 25-34 use facebook […]

23 February 2012 0 Comments

Brand story: 5 techniques for crafting a compelling one

Everyone one has a story. Without one, there is no future. The reason why stories are important is because they help us understand the world and our place in the scheme of things. Therefore a true brand story illustrates where a brand is coming from, what it had faced with lessons, experience that resonate with […]