9 August 2010 36 Comments

Creating Brand Credibility

Branding is no doubt an essential part in business growth and development in recent times. Many businesses have been able to surmount tough market challenges as a result of the application of branding concepts. Many are still in the process of creating valuable perception in the mind of their prospects and buyers with the use […]

22 May 2009 2 Comments

Brand at a cross road

Today I have sense of urgency that was running over my mind throughout the night after a discussion with a personal brand that seemed frustrated after commuting several hours into work. Despite the fact that law of nature forbids that greater efforts backed with substance should have little returns. The issue is that there is […]

26 January 2009 21 Comments

Great brands have wings

A wing is a movable organ for flying. Wings are associated with birds or any object that flies. For most flying objects, they have at least two wings. In Europlane we have both finite and infinite wings. Research confirmed that the difference between a finite wing and an infinite wing is in that a finite […]