16 May 2013 0 Comments

COCA-Cola’s ‘Share a coke campaign’: Brand becomes personal

Many age-long held truths are now shattered. One of them is the view held by The God’s Father. It may be right at the time they made that assertion but the dynamics of the environment has proven them wrong. Peradventure you do not know the position of the ‘God’s Father’, they claimed ‘‘business is not […]

17 October 2012 1 Comment

Fire and forget communication: what is wrong with it?

Today’s business is about relationship. Unfortunately many have not gotten that. They still engage in fire and forget communication strategy. The old ways of doing stuff no longer holds water. Applying the principle of business/brand as subject and clients as objects will lead nowhere but early death of the brand. For brand to achieve maximum […]

25 May 2011 7 Comments

6 Reasons why your online campaign fail

Running a successful campaign offline is a great work for many. I have been asked severally why I think most campaigns do not achieve their aims. I do think some of the reasons for this include the reason, wrong strategy and lack of appropriate planning as well as targeting. Running a campaign offline is hard, […]

10 November 2010 4 Comments

Social marketing: are you sure you are not shouting?

There is now an increasing surge in the use of social media, social marketing by all and sundry. Different industries are now waking up to the reality of our time. We must acknowledge though that many are still lukewarm in their approach to the potentials of social media. For majority of users in our environment, […]