27 December 2010 8 Comments

Brand communications: charting a new course in 2011

Whether we acknowledge this or not, Year 2010 is already packing its load and in less than five days, we will be flying with the wings of 2011.In the last twelve months, many brands have prospered while many have died prematurely. Some of these premature deaths were caused by brand owners who allow their own […]

22 December 2010 6 Comments

Brand privacy is dead: do not waste fund on the funeral

The last time I wrote on what wikileaks taught us about brand communication, a concerned community member asked me ‘what recommendations do I have in ensuring information stays within the confine of the brand’s radar?’  An online writer captured my mind when he wrote ‘rather than make futile efforts in controlling internal memos and other […]

2 December 2010 12 Comments

Brand Communication: How to strengthen online influencer’s position

Today I may not command the kind of online attention desired, but I must acknowledged I am not where I used to be. You do not become an influencer overnight. It is a product of consistent action, learning on the way and making adjustment where necessary. In the course of my journey I have discovered some […]

26 October 2010 21 Comments

Brand communications: how to effectively reach your audience

Today’s marketplace is stuffy. To effectively communicate a brand’s uniqueness, value requires tact, proper understanding of the terrain and customers’ pathway. Brand communication is certainly a complex work for many. This is unlike what obtained a few decades ago.  The complexity is traceable to the fact that there are myriads of brands today than ever […]