9 August 2010 27 Comments

Personal Branding Lesson from ‘In Pursuit Of Happyness’

Someone says the spelling above is not right but that is the title of a film I watched. So pardon the title spelling. Those who are close to me know I am not a huge fan of movie and films. When I take the chance to watch one it must be that I am fascinated […]

21 July 2010 18 Comments

Personal Branding: Lessons from Al Gore’s brand

I am a lover of biographies for in them you find the nuggets that made the people who have gone ahead of you and in them are lessons to learn when you are trying to either build a brand or an empire. Biographies open our eyes and give us insight to what we usually called […]

30 June 2009 3 Comments

Why brand consistency is important

Whatever brand promise and identity crafted, there is need to carefully examine its premise, channel, design before they are communicated. When the communication process is on, it may be too late to begin a new change. This process colors the mind of the niche as well as creates confusion. Any manipulation or constant changes in […]