15 January 2012 0 Comments

How to develop strategy that guarantees victory in crisis

Every brand will encounter crisis in its lifetime. No brand is immune from crisis. There are varied degrees of crises. Some are known, based on associated brand environment. Certain crisis may be unknown, unpreventable or what is considered crisis beyond human control. For instance, crisis like earthquakes, flood often come when we do not expect […]

12 September 2011 2 Comments

Brand Communications: 5 great routes to destroy a great brand

Brand communications aim at influencing patterns, attitudes of target towards a brand positively. In most cases, a the goal of a brand communicator is ensuring brand perception is accelerated positively. A clear knowledge to all is that no brand communications strategy can succeed on falsehood forever. It may bring immediate ‘success’ but when the falsehood […]

29 August 2011 3 Comments

Brand Communication: can your brand handle a bomb blast?

Last Friday will remain evergreen in the hearts of United Nations’ country offices In Abuja Nigeria. That marked the  first  suicide bombing experience in Nigeria and in the United Nations building. Many workers and their family members within this international building (which housed about twenty-six development and other humanitarian Organizations) in Abuja Nigeria suffered unprecedented […]

12 October 2009 7 Comments

Brand in crisis: what to do?

Most times what leads to crisis is often subtle, careless approach to issues. Though there are clear cases of crises that are product of act beyond human control. Every crisis begins with issue that is not properly identified or managed before it generates into a major crisis. Crisis like strange disease or epidemic often begins […]