12 August 2012 8 Comments

Tim Tebow: A guide to influencer marketing

Tim Tebow 24, real name, Timothy Richard just made the latest `Times 100 persons of global influence` list. One cannot but be happy with this young man whose name appears on a list that includes Barrack Obama, Goodluck Jonathan an Romney among others. Tim Tebow brand offers a great guide to influencers’ marketers on great […]

10 April 2012 0 Comments

Brand success: Impact of time and chance

Brand success hinges on several factors. There is strategy factor, market forces and time element.  Not to forget also, there is the key role of management and other brand stakeholders. Brand success requires a village mentality to really blossom. While time is considered to be of great essence, can we actually say chance or what […]

28 March 2012 0 Comments

Basic steps to rule your market

As we know, developing great products or services and marketing strategies with heavy budget do not guarantee success. To be successful, a unique market to be dominated by you must be carved first. It is also wisdom to create barriers that will not be easy for the competitor to scale if the brand must continue […]

24 February 2012 0 Comments

12 factors that will make your community stronger

A strong brand community is an asset. It is often refers to as a social capital which can help build brand’s profile. Today, brand communities are considered tribes. Brand community has an inestimable value to its creator. But as we know, having a community is just the foundational step. More than ever before, having thousands […]

20 December 2011 1 Comment

Brand Communication: Creating awareness through SEO

Brand communication strategy in yesteryears mainly hinged on Newspaper and print Media adverts now. If brand did not have enough fund then, it could be a mirage to think of gaining any eyeball at all. The advent of internet, technology is changing the game plan. But now it is sheer foolishness  crying because our brands […]

21 October 2011 8 Comments

How to solve brand communication problems with ease

Every living being has its own challenges. Brands too are living entities. They breathe like normal human being. Brand communication challenges will always be part of brand’s cycle. Knowing this early will help brand custodians and communicators to be proactive instead of being reactive. The good thing about challenges though is that it keeps the […]

3 October 2011 3 Comments

Platform 9.0: 7 vital lessons brands can adopt

Platform 9.0 is  a yearly  event put together by one of Nigeria’s leading Non-Profits named The Platform. This outfit is    led by  Poju Oyemade. This year event was  tagged ‘Enterprise and Governance’. The event brought together local and international expert speakers selected to examine impact of governance on enterprise. The event also examined the […]

22 August 2011 8 Comments

Brand leadership through strategic communication

Brand leadership is a great and enviable position every brand aspires. But as we know, there is a lot of difference between wishes and realities. If wishes are horses, every beggar will ride. Brand leadership is not a day journey. It entails a continuous hard work on the vision. To add to this, everyone in […]

4 August 2011 6 Comments

5 vital secrets of successful brand communicators

Those who do know understand success is not magic. It is based on progressive achievement of laid down goals. They have demonstrated and proven that a strong determination to excel is stronger than the will to blend in. We were examining great people like Seth Godin and Chris Brogan yesterday in a group discussion. Many […]

1 August 2011 16 Comments

How To make targets lifetime star advocates

Brands thrive just because there are consumers of what the brands’ offer. Without brand consumers no brand will exist. It has also be proven no brand survives just having a one time buyer  but having  depth of relationship which transcend just one night stands. Brand custodians know it is easier to maintain a happy customer […]