13 January 2014 2 Comments

Brand experience and patronage: impact of the six universal emotions

We live in an age where brands’ consistent efforts to satisfy the jet age ‘oliver twist’ customers seem inadequate. It appears the more we try, the more they discover what you need to do more otherwise they will move to your next door neighbor-competitors. Whether we like it or not, the customers will continue to […]

30 July 2013 0 Comments

The Age of relevance marketing: will your brand survive?

Digital technology has thrown up a new demand in marketing process. It is no longer about good product and services alone. Nor is it mainly about the expertise of the management. While these are great additions, it will no longer be the only thing that counts. A big question now will be on the relevance […]

26 June 2013 1 Comment

Six reasons why social media marketing integration works better

There is nothing entirely new under the heaven. Those who have eyes can see a correlation or similarity in the past and the present.  Such similarity may not look exactly the same but there is something a discerning eye can see. Social or digital media is no longer new, it has become part of our […]

8 April 2013 4 Comments

The Digital media profession: right skill sets or ethical value?

The 21st Century has brought radical changes to human race. Everything is touched. Nothing has escaped the inferno of changes. Our professional outlook and in fact entire gamut of life will never remain the same. We can only adapt to the changes and flow with its current in order not to be left behind. As […]

28 August 2012 13 Comments

How feedback saved my brand from disaster

Feedback is favourite meal of champions. But many people, brands avoid feedback to their own hurt. As we know, sometimes feedback does not always fan personal ego. Feedback demands a brand should drop its toga of self-importance. But when properly managed, it is the best thing that can ever happen to a brand. One of […]

26 August 2012 5 Comments

Brand communication: 4 crucial factors that breed engagement

Those who understand how to make much impact with their brands will never joke with its communication and marketing strategies. Minus vision, these two pillars are the rock upon which the brand stands. They dictate brand’s well-being and state of health. If these two factors are missing, the brand’s affliction becomes terminal. It is just […]

4 June 2012 0 Comments

Attention Economy: 6 routes to prominence

Brand communication in Africa is gradually catching up with western style. The noise level is now rising. Africa business owners like the rest of the world now appreciate the value of online platforms. We are gradually paying to the value of attention economy. Getting relevant attention for whatever you do is a major factor. That […]

4 August 2011 6 Comments

5 vital secrets of successful brand communicators

Those who do know understand success is not magic. It is based on progressive achievement of laid down goals. They have demonstrated and proven that a strong determination to excel is stronger than the will to blend in. We were examining great people like Seth Godin and Chris Brogan yesterday in a group discussion. Many […]

12 July 2011 18 Comments

Brand Communication: How to get best result from inputs

Times are changing fast. Brand communication professionals around the world and Africa are discovering the old ways would not work again. What makes the matter worse today is that it appears all spaces are taken. The best way to do it for some is to narrow down from mass market to unique niche or to […]

11 April 2011 7 Comments

Brand Communication: three best ways to build brand equity and trust

Brand communication is a vital process in keeping brand alive in the minds of the target. Brand communication done properly helps in building trust and equity. So, it is essential to remain visible otherwise the brand is doomed already. It is clear to everyone today that building trust is not a day’s job but a […]