13 December 2011 0 Comments

Brand exposure: social or commercial opportunity route?

The dimension of changes we are witnessing in brand exposure strategy is becoming interesting. As we know, the power of brand indispensability is based on relevance, positioning and exposure. Several routes are now available in achieving this goal. There is an old way of doing stuff where all a brand needs to do is to […]

23 May 2011 8 Comments

Brand perception: How online presence and testimonials help

Brand perception is vital to brand success. Like we know, perception is everything. An audience may hold negative perception about a brand without any good reason. That is their opinion. Their opinions affect the success of your brand. So effort must be made to ensure audience perception of your brand is exactly what you want […]

8 April 2011 5 Comments

Brand exposure through content marketing: new opportunities

Content marketing is now a veritable weapon in creating brand awareness. Content creation has also been seen to help brand understanding, brand education, word-of-mouth, increase brand credibility and loyalty. Start-up and medium scale brands now have better chances in exposing their brands to their targets if they understand the secret of helpful and highly relevant […]

11 March 2011 3 Comments

Brand communication: employees and brand awareness

Whether we acknowledge this or not, employee or internal audience can be a veritable tool for brand awareness. Most employees are on major social media platforms. There have been arguments for and against the need to permit employees to use social media sites during office hours. Many employers believed that will amount to wasteful use […]