12 March 2012 0 Comments

6 routes to marketplace irrelevance

Marketplace is made up of several dynamics. Brand’s sustainability and relevance is hinged on its ability to understand and work with these dynamics while it last. A Nigerian adage captures this well when it states ‘because the future does not look exactly like today is the reason why the soothsayer consults his oracle every five […]

28 March 2011 8 Comments

Social media: why brands and professionals miss its real value.

Social media is now a common dialogue among marketing Communication, communications and Public Relations professionals. The challenge most still have in justifying its application is centred around measurement and cost ROI. Ability   to define goal, action steps, target audience and justification for business needs will help in no small way. This will help in convincing […]

13 December 2010 5 Comments

Why brand sucks and how to avoid such threshold

Harish Bijoor once noted that ‘managing brands is an art, a science … and a philosophy as well! There is need to practise each of these with perfection and humility!’ When these are properly done, brands are not supposed to suck or die. When a brand sucks or dies, there is an issue with the […]

1 June 2009 19 Comments

Brand switching

At the heart of brand switching is non-fulfillment of promise, lack of expected satisfaction or attitude of brand ambassadors towards a potential or actual brand’s customers. Brand experience counts so much. By over communicating brand promise, most brands set themselves up for failure. Instead of checking the capacity to deliver, most brands do not consider […]