11 March 2013 1 Comment

Brand communication: the Pull, the Demand and the Responsibility

The dynamics in the society is now dictating the changes we daily witnessed. We have different approaches to brand communication process. When there is a new innovation which begins with an idea, projected through an institution and accepted by the society as well as supported by technology, it is clear the innovation will scale through. […]

2 July 2012 9 Comments

Brand perception management on Social Media: 5 ways to prevent…

Social media avails everyone the opportunity to become a publisher. It energizes and gives power to express whatever an individual has to say. This easy access may be a blessing and curse in disguise as many would not want to believe. While we are happy we are no longer at the mercy of the traditional […]

23 May 2011 8 Comments

Brand perception: How online presence and testimonials help

Brand perception is vital to brand success. Like we know, perception is everything. An audience may hold negative perception about a brand without any good reason. That is their opinion. Their opinions affect the success of your brand. So effort must be made to ensure audience perception of your brand is exactly what you want […]