6 October 2011 10 Comments

6 branding lessons according to Steve Jobs’ Life

Yesterday marked the sun set of a great icon. Today present an awesome moment around the world to re-asses what really matter in the lifespan of any brand. This is because one of the world’s inventors, shinning light, leaders, fighters, Entrepreneurs, innovators and brightest individuals born in the second half of the 2oth century just […]

3 October 2011 3 Comments

Platform 9.0: 7 vital lessons brands can adopt

Platform 9.0 is  a yearly  event put together by one of Nigeria’s leading Non-Profits named The Platform. This outfit is    led by  Poju Oyemade. This year event was  tagged ‘Enterprise and Governance’. The event brought together local and international expert speakers selected to examine impact of governance on enterprise. The event also examined the […]

5 September 2011 4 Comments

How to engage the right audience/target

For many brands, engaging right and most profitable target is a nightmare. They keep casting their nets in different directions and hoping they will get it right one day. Many brands’ efforts are concentrated on pleasing every tom and harry. At the end, they often waste their energies and resources on a wild chase. Two […]

25 July 2011 88 Comments

Brand Influence or Popularity: Which camp are you?

We live in the age of buzzword, noise, conversation. Every strong brand today understands the impact of third party endorsement, word of mouth as it tends to reduce cost of marketing and other allied costs. No wonder, every brand tries to outdo the others in building strong engagement with its stakeholder at both online and […]

12 July 2011 18 Comments

Brand Communication: How to get best result from inputs

Times are changing fast. Brand communication professionals around the world and Africa are discovering the old ways would not work again. What makes the matter worse today is that it appears all spaces are taken. The best way to do it for some is to narrow down from mass market to unique niche or to […]

24 June 2011 7 Comments

Brand communication: why you should become a good story teller

As a brand, you stand a good chance when you learn how to do it better in a new way every day. It is no news today that brand communication will survive on great content creation and sharing. A brand with future in view must have left the region where someone is still appealing to […]

16 June 2011 3 Comments

Social Media downside and other issues: Rep. Anthony Weiner

Social Media in Nigeria, Africa and elsewhere in the world is a powerful communication tool. But like I maintained in a previous post,social media has it challenges. Social Media can be compared to a wild animal. If not tamed, it can tear its owner. In ability to do this well often leads to brand destruction. […]

10 June 2011 6 Comments

Brand communication: African professionals need to prepare for the future

Brand communication’s landscape in Africa is changing fast. Brand communication professionals in Africa cannot afford ‘sit-down look’ attitude. Everything is changing fast. Every industry and professional need to understand this if they plan to be relevant in no distance future. Brand communication around the world is becoming dynamic. The future will belong to those who […]

7 March 2011 9 Comments

How to be successful in Social Media Marketing and Journalism

Social Media marketing as well as journalism may allow all comers affairs but that does not mean it is an easy task. It may be easy to participate due to the nature of web 2.0, but measuring success is another ball game altogether. A colleague who is into social journalism recently became concerned about why […]

1 March 2011 11 Comments

How to win the heart of the brand audience

This morning while trying to get an idea on what to share in a business meeting, I watched series of short videos of how some  men make engagement proposal to their fiancées and spouses to be. While I will say some of these videos are full of fantasies, I am of the opinion brand communicators […]