6 September 2012 22 Comments

Online campaign that sells: A case study of ‘Goodluck Jonathan best loved president campaign’

As students in the school of life, we must keep learning. Each new day should teach us something. Before we go ahead, let me establish the route we will be plying in this piece. The essence of this piece is not to seek attention from anyone but to help some of our professionals who are […]

18 September 2009 14 Comments

Stages, process of online brand crisis

Crisis is part of life. We may be able to avoid some through adequate planning, strategy. Crisis explosion is now given a wing to fly online, brand must add knowledge. Recent cases are there to access. Crises do strike many brands but it affects unprepared brands more than the ever ready brands. Interestingly most crises […]

16 September 2009 48 Comments

Brand building: Trust or reputation, which way will your brand follow?

Time is changing gradually. Knowledge too is spreading like wildfire. What used to be politically correct few years ago are being reviewed. I was just considering these two words as they relate to professional usage recently and I discovered that many brand drivers may be breaking the thin line between the two. Reputation is what […]