4 October 2010 19 Comments

Branding and online community lessons from a cab driver

Each time I find common wisdom on the street I am not usually surprise. In the street corners of life are most vital lessons we can learn as adult. That is if we care to observe. For that singular reason I am a keen observer of my environment-whether familiar or strange ones. I am beginning […]

21 September 2010 14 Comments

Five Ways to Find the Perfect Employee for Your Corporate Brand

Branding Begins Before the Hire  When an employer seeks out the ideal employee for a corporate brand, the goal is based on the understanding that a brand is built from the inside out. The employees buy into the brand to the point of ownership; they completely buy into the brand and its identity. The first […]

13 September 2010 23 Comments

Brands:How public Relations helps in brand building

Over the years of studying brands and helping companies to build brands, I have come to understand the role Public Relations play in introducing new brands. Most brands fail to command attention and market equity because they were introduced into the market place with advertising instead of Public Relations. Do you ever imagine putting a […]

11 September 2010 9 Comments

Brands:How to make your online community thick.

As someone who cares about brand community and how to generate engagement, I have taken time to study (either by personal experience or by observation) the qualities that have helped strong communities  become what they are. I have come to a strong conviction that strong communities do not just evolve; someone is committed to the […]

8 September 2010 9 Comments

Brands: how to be opened to imminent changes

Change is the most constant thing is an ageless cliché. As much as this statement seems to be reality, many brands have continued to behave as this is not true. Though everyone (brands inclusive) all lay claim to the fact that we are not change resistance, our actions and attitude betray us. Because brand’s action […]

9 August 2010 36 Comments

Creating Brand Credibility

Branding is no doubt an essential part in business growth and development in recent times. Many businesses have been able to surmount tough market challenges as a result of the application of branding concepts. Many are still in the process of creating valuable perception in the mind of their prospects and buyers with the use […]

12 July 2010 22 Comments

Brands: How to fund your social and cultural capital

We live in the age of information, connection and conversation. Any brand that will be successful today must understand generosity to thrive. To make impact you must go all out to help both established and upcoming brands. I am beginning to understand that you must be ready to give without a demand for returns immediately […]

8 July 2010 21 Comments

Brands:How to/profiting from an engaged community

It is no longer news that the success of any brand rests solidly on the depth of relationship it has with all its stakeholders. No brand can be successful running a solo raise now. Every brand needs committed community members who are not only interested in working hard with the brand but who can work […]

6 July 2010 11 Comments

Who is or what is GTBank’s fear?

At a recent World social media mob flash held in Lagos Nigeria where we have the gathering of social media enthusiasts, professionals and those who intend to use social media, the audience was generally talking about best use of social media in Nigeria by corporate organizations in our environment. People suggested GTBank Plc should be […]

24 June 2010 24 Comments

Brands:how to use engagement marketing to reduce cost

I wake up with possibilities each day. I am passionate about making entrepreneurs and brands succeed in their efforts despite the economy. Money is not available to do everything we want to do. If I am correct there has never been anytime when money goes round to do all that human desire to accomplish. The […]