13 August 2009 1 Comment

Niche marketing: unveiling the bride

  When it comes to professional jargons, each industry has a ton. Branding has its own which often confuses non-initiates. Jargons are peculiar to people who share common views either as professionals or tribes. Niche is an offshoot word from French which means ‘position, slot, and place’. In French it can be translated as nest, […]

24 June 2009 14 Comments

How to generate new brand business 2

In recent chart with one corporate employee whose brands is into manufacturing, he said he wonders why his boss pay more for employees that bring in new business from clients- especially those that are not previous clients. I answered will you appreciate your car that helps you achieve greater result or the car that usually […]

2 January 2009 2 Comments

Laying foundation for emotional connection.

It’s a great new year. It is a year that promises great dividends for those who know how to harness opportunities inside it. Despite the economic crunch. Knowing what to do will pay. Individual brand must know how to build emotional attachment to its own brand. The foundation of every emotional connection has been traceable […]

19 December 2008 12 Comments

New business development

Getting new business is becoming a great issue in this recession time. Many hurdles are now on the way. Many have depended on referrals and old clients without tilling new grounds. Yes, new business development can be daunting, challenging but with adequate knowledge, planning, persistence, determination; some can still build new opportunities because this season […]