3 August 2012 27 Comments

Six levels of ignorance that cost much on Social Media

Returns on Investment is a buzz word in marketing. Coming to social media, many brands really stayed away for a long time just because they could not understand the economic value of Social media to the business. Today, many are wiser and can now appreciate the value of Social media to business’ objective. In measuring […]

3 July 2012 18 Comments

Of social community,social organization and listening authority

Today we live with empowered species. No thanks to the level of awareness and rate at which information flows. No one is in the dark except those who chose to remain so. Even typical villagers now have assess to information through mass media or the ones communicated to them through mobile usage. It is no […]

13 January 2009 Comments Off on Every brand needs a community officer

Every brand needs a community officer

Brand is the evidence of your distinction and perception. Managing brand’s perception is heavy work. Times are changing and traditional approaches need review. Chuck Brymer says “everyone now faces the same situation-how do we engage consumers to become brand loyalists and advocates?”  In an earlier post in this forum, I have talked about the need […]