16 March 2009 8 Comments

Stand out brands

Branding is all about differentiation. But it is obvious that some brands do stand out among their peers. Many brands owners are worried why their brands are not outstanding. The reason is that when the basics are given, there is need to do certain things right and that is what we will focus on today. […]

3 February 2009 247 Comments

Personal branding for cabin crew

Airline business is a very expensive one. Every investor knows that ROI in this business is a long term. Keeping expenses low is one of the priorities of airline business. No sane business men will hire too many hands which add costs. The need to pick the best of the available great hands makes this business […]

2 January 2009 4 Comments

Exit the commodity market

Often, I get called to offer platforms that can help brands to differentiate. Differentiation is the beginning of a long term relationship with a brand. Differentiation is very critical in today’s world. Brand either differentiates or dies. Brand differentiation gives your brand a long term value. Lack of differentiation makes the brand a commodity. Commodity […]