12 November 2012 5 Comments

Online brand communication: How to shoot for the moon

 Online brand communication is not static. The dynamics and changes we witness in every sphere of life affect its success also. Hence any professional that worth his name needs to consistently upgrade. Today, we are a bit concerned for professionals who think they know it all and will not invest in buying books, reading online, […]

7 November 2012 6 Comments

Obama victory and Social Media: lessons for professionals

Everything is now global. Even sleeping on your bed every night may become a centre of attention in no distance time. American election has become a global concern. It is no longer American affairs. America has become a spotlight and every nation of the earth pays closer attention to what happens in that Country. As […]

4 September 2012 3 Comments

How employee grooming affects brand’s perception

A major dependence on a single branding item/issue often leads to brand destruction without knowing. This is often caused by the top management disposition, background and exposure. In cases where the CEO comes from Human resources background, there is always a tendency to focus of Human resources angle of the branding process. On the other […]

12 August 2012 8 Comments

Tim Tebow: A guide to influencer marketing

Tim Tebow 24, real name, Timothy Richard just made the latest `Times 100 persons of global influence` list. One cannot but be happy with this young man whose name appears on a list that includes Barrack Obama, Goodluck Jonathan an Romney among others. Tim Tebow brand offers a great guide to influencers’ marketers on great […]

9 August 2012 9 Comments

Vital statistics community managers, influencers and bloggers wannabe must know

Every serious start up social media activist, community manager, influencer and blogger aims to become a power force and gains prominence. They work hard, strife to carve a niche and envisage enjoying attendant privileges. No one wants to be a failure. These are desirable qualities. But many  statistics had shown that about three percent of […]

19 August 2011 16 Comments

Managing brand crisis with finesse

Brand crisis may neither be pleasurable nor desirable but they do occur. Any wise brand or institution needs to prepare for crisis of all forms. While there are some crises that are preventable, some come naturally and need lots of strategic designs to curb. Many brands and institutions never remain the same after a crisis. […]

26 May 2010 52 Comments

How to create a winning brand’s story that sells

Brand success is all about stories that aligned with a niche. If you have ever known what poverty is and you are able to break free from it and you can craft believable, creative, emotional processes of how you move from ground zero up, you will attract a good chunk of audience that is still […]

31 March 2009 7 Comments

Positioning at the butcher’s lab

The crunch is affecting many brands. There is no pretense about this. The crunch is already affecting many brands’ positioning as many brands are now running from pillar to post. The effect of this instability will make a lot of brands to lose their positioning. Many are already abandoning their known positions to try out […]

26 March 2009 6 Comments

How to fortify your personal brand

Every personal brand has greater potential force of reckoning than we all acknowledged. Each given personal brand has innate capability to impact the thoughts, deeds and actions of those around us. Interestingly, when we do our parts, the law of psychological reciprocity which states “human beings are instinctively impelled to return to others the feelings […]

23 February 2009 2 Comments

Shaping strategy: is your brand ready?

In the previous article, we started a discussion on the force of shaping strategy. This will be the concluding part for now until further notice. We need to note that not every brand is cut out to engage in shaping strategy. To engage, brand must consider the following and be convinced that answers given are […]