1 April 2014 0 Comments

Online Business relationship: how to safeguard your brand

Great relationships (whether business or personal) are usually built on values and other factors that can promote mutual benefit. We cannot run away from building great business partnership online today. But there are attendant challenges that we must watch out for so  we do not become victims of sharp practices that have become part of […]

12 March 2013 3 Comments

How to walk through the tight rope of great digital campaigns and online business

Whatever we aim to do is achievable. Someone already achieved it or is in the process of breaking the news. Running online business or global digital campaigns today can be challenging but if we understand the metrics, we stand the chances. Two of Nigeria’s online retail services Konga and Jumai now enjoy investment from external […]

26 February 2013 3 Comments

Digital media service provider: 21 truths that will make you stand out

The world is changing. The way businesses are run has also been affected for good. Having a business now does not mean you have to have tangible or physical services to offer. Many start-ups are now being run without cash. A classic example is people starting online, digital services. Many work from home yet they […]