11 October 2013 0 Comments

How to properly turn a conversation to a campaign online

Vision and focus are two words which have relative meaning. They also have one thing in common- they blindfold.  Sometimes when we are pursuing our goals passionately, every other thing seems irrelevant. We may be looking but our minds are fixed on the goal before us. At this level, even if the physical eyes are […]

5 October 2013 0 Comments

Digital Marketing & Online campaign: 7 ways to guarantee success beyond doubt

Marketing and campaigns today are no longer channeled exclusively through traditional media platforms alone. Since people are daily thronging the online media, it is now an ideal thing to consider using the available, relevant online media that can help achieve the goal. But while the online media is available for use, many are confused while […]

29 July 2013 0 Comments

Social media campaign: when you must make a U-turn

Things do go wrong. Ability to note this on time with enough courage to make instant and right U-turn is the hallmark of great professional. In this piece we will be examining the right time to make amendment to one’s activities online. This will also assist many who may not know there is nothing wrong […]

26 July 2013 4 Comments

Running effective twitter campaigns: 6 factors you cannot ignore

For those who do not know, a campaign in simple term is a process of running a goal oriented issue with a time and evaluation parameters. Business directory defines a campaign as ‘complete, planned course of action formulated to achieve defined objectives in marketing, public relations, quality enhancement, revenue generation, safety standards’. Above definition helps […]

6 September 2012 22 Comments

Online campaign that sells: A case study of ‘Goodluck Jonathan best loved president campaign’

As students in the school of life, we must keep learning. Each new day should teach us something. Before we go ahead, let me establish the route we will be plying in this piece. The essence of this piece is not to seek attention from anyone but to help some of our professionals who are […]

25 May 2011 7 Comments

6 Reasons why your online campaign fail

Running a successful campaign offline is a great work for many. I have been asked severally why I think most campaigns do not achieve their aims. I do think some of the reasons for this include the reason, wrong strategy and lack of appropriate planning as well as targeting. Running a campaign offline is hard, […]