20 June 2014 0 Comments

How brand, people can make social media engagement work for them

The essence of social platform use is not all about sales. It is about conversation and strong allied building. Those who aim to dominate, show off as well as silence others may have to look elsewhere. Building relationships as we know is not a day’s job. It requires time, temper management as you may not […]

15 July 2013 1 Comment

6 ways to extreme success on social media

There are several routes to success in every endeavour. But not every road gets you to the place you are going. In the new communication landscape we find ourselves, we know a solo run has become bygone game. Thinking community is the fastest way to growth. We must quickly add a caveat to this: only […]

31 January 2013 5 Comments

Hilary Clinton on how to build solid Government affairs or diplomatic relations with social media

No one is a stranger to the emergence of Internet-based social media tools which has made it possible for organization, nations to communicate with thousands of people about their values and whatever they represent. This change to communication platform is making effective Government affairs/relations and diplomatic relations, public policy campaign and engagement without the use […]

22 June 2011 8 Comments

Top 40 web personalities

It over six years I have being blogging. Three of which is on  third party platforms while I am close to three on this personally hosted blog. Many had asked me where I get inspiration from. Many want to get an idea of what I am reading online and how many of these online platforms […]