5 October 2010 10 Comments

Branding and online community lessons from a cab driver -2

This is the second part of a story I started yesterday. It is about  a cab driver that thought me great lesson in branding and community building through persistence and dedication. I hope our community can learn something from this too. Let me say a big thank you to Mr. Smart (not real name) who […]

4 October 2010 19 Comments

Branding and online community lessons from a cab driver

Each time I find common wisdom on the street I am not usually surprise. In the street corners of life are most vital lessons we can learn as adult. That is if we care to observe. For that singular reason I am a keen observer of my environment-whether familiar or strange ones. I am beginning […]

21 July 2010 18 Comments

Personal Branding: Lessons from Al Gore’s brand

I am a lover of biographies for in them you find the nuggets that made the people who have gone ahead of you and in them are lessons to learn when you are trying to either build a brand or an empire. Biographies open our eyes and give us insight to what we usually called […]

8 March 2010 25 Comments

Personal Branding: The emotional labour factor

I just took time to read the last edition of Dan Shawbel’s Personal Branding magazine. The cover story actually drew my attention. I am a great fan of Seth Godin because he has achieved what I am trying to achieve despite all the odd in my environment. Most African nations have not come to appreciate […]