25 September 2009 13 Comments

How to quietly destroy your personal brand

Today is the beginning of the last weekend in September 09. So I just thought of sending out a warning signal to those who have labored so hard to work on their personal brands till now.Building a skyscraper takes months of laboring, hard work, designing as well as inputs from many professionals. Interestingly when it […]

17 August 2009 8 Comments

Brand online perception, reputation management

I have been thinking about the disposition of Nigerian online brands’ perception and reputation management. My conclusion is that most brands here still assume that getting it right with traditional media holds the magic to great reputation. Brand owner attitudes show lack of proper understanding of online reputation and what the level of havoc can be. […]

21 May 2009 6 Comments

Personal branding:are you so sure?

In the course of dealings with individuals in the area of personal and executive branding, I have noticed a flow of thought prevalent among many. People need a quick fix it answers. A tip of a sort. A wheel that one can swing in minutes and get result. My response to that is that there […]

19 May 2009 70 Comments

How to handle brand’s damage, attacks

No one wants or desires attack but we can not afford that once in a while. Sometimes the attack may not be intentional or it may be a result of mis-directed angst. Attack may be justifiable also. A careless press of computer buttons by an individual can spell a viral damage and the hard earned […]

27 April 2009 16 Comments

Personal Branding and online success

Recently I was having a discussion with a friend who is known blogger in Nigeria. I could not but ask certain question as he ‘seems to have it made’. Anyway that is my impression. We talked about being successful and having to be known to have failed many times. This as it affects every area […]