24 December 2008 1 Comment

A journey or a destination?

When you are asked what the difference between a journey and destination is, many have issues differentiating the two. We have heard the accolade ‘success is a journey not a destination’. Yea, that is true in a way. But how can one engage in a journey when destination is not known. Success means several things […]

24 December 2008 6 Comments

Tell Me More

Once again I often get called by our community here asking for further clarification on what personal branding is and how it can help in this time. Many believe it is just showing up. This is quite good as a beginner. Showing up is just a straightforward act and any one with good sense can […]

8 December 2008 17 Comments

Promoting The Psp

Developing your personal selling proposition is really important and it is a great idea to cherish. But except you are a professional, you may not get the best out of the process. That is if you are serious about the outcome. Having said this, there are several ways to promote the created personal selling proposition. […]