25 November 2013 1 Comment

Social Media Marketing: Mashable.com may be inaccurate on this

As Social media advanced in usage with several attendant opportunities, we (individual users), must also think twice. The demand is shifting from being transparent. People are saying that is no longer enough. People out there want strong accountability if we must scale through.  It is now easy for people or informed to unearth deep secrets […]

5 March 2013 2 Comments

7 lessons social Media activist can learn from a farmer

Being a cutting edge professional creates better opportunities. But having a mindset like concrete may destroy every great potential. A thriving professional must be able to learn from his/her environment. One must also understands the trend and see how to pick vital lessons in varied environments and apply such. Farming may not appear to be […]

7 December 2012 7 Comments

Social Media and Political Policy Engagement

  Politics is a dirty game is a known cliché. Meanwhile real Politicians will not let you call their game a dirty one. Real democracy thrives on people’s participation, involvement and engagement through dialogue and compromises. In all, it is the people’s wish that is supposed to prevail because Politicians hold their posts on trust. […]