20 September 2012 5 Comments

Online brand communication: tactics that give you an edge

We live in the age of web adaptation, communication and by extension, conversation. Conversation has increased the noise level. Getting attention today is a hard task. Many are talking but only few numbers are heard. Talking is cheap and common; receiving required attention is where the success lies. Many make the mistake of thinking all they […]

14 June 2012 13 Comments

Real engagement: How to foster it on Social media

Social media is a two edged sword. A brand success on it depends on how effectively it can manoeuvre the rough roads and land at the other side of the river. For most people they want to get it right at once. As a starter it may be possible today because we now have enough […]

23 March 2011 3 Comments

Advantages of socially connected Television, Radio and Print media

My experience has thought me some arguments are no longer necessary. Such arguments amount to share waste of time and other valuable resources. In some meetings, we had had cause to say that regular media owner needs to ‘restrategise’ in other to remain in business in the next decade. But common sense will not allow […]

23 March 2011 5 Comments

Brand exposure: what Facebook professional and brands’ addicts are missing

We live in the age of conversation enabled by web 2.0. According to a PR Newswire white paper, ‘Social networks are enabling a vast increase in consumer interactions. As people engage each other regarding the subjects – and brands – they know well or want to know better, the millions of conversations occurring daily (including […]

8 March 2011 4 Comments

How and why should brand give attention to social media monitoring

Some brands consider silence as golden while other think listening is king. Many brands still see social media as a fad. Whatever perspective individuals hold will be their own decision. But what is obvious today is that ignorance is no longer bliss. That is if ignorance is ever cherished at all. I was listening to […]

18 February 2011 9 Comments

Brand communication: 3 hot tips for web advertising failure

There is no denying the fact that  the old media will still remain part of us till eternity. What is now clear to discerning audience is that each new day points towards reduction in the value generated by television, radio, and print advertising. Yet the good news to those who love the old method is […]