23 July 2012 17 Comments

11 negative factors that nullify your Twitter efforts

Twitter needs no introduction especially to marketing, communication professionals and many small scales brands. Some of the values twitter offer includes the followings. It creates brand awareness at the global level. Twitter helps brand to connect. More also, effective use of twitters helps a brand to build strong relationship which leads to verifiable business outcomes. […]

18 May 2011 2 Comments

Brand communication: How to maximize your social networking value

Online social networking today is a big business. It offers opportunity to position one’s brand beyond the local circuit. When I say ‘business’, someone may ask what do I mean? You may ask Mark Zukerberg how much the young man is worth today. Aside from providing the platform, social networking activities require planning, strategy to […]

23 March 2011 5 Comments

Brand exposure: what Facebook professional and brands’ addicts are missing

We live in the age of conversation enabled by web 2.0. According to a PR Newswire white paper, ‘Social networks are enabling a vast increase in consumer interactions. As people engage each other regarding the subjects – and brands – they know well or want to know better, the millions of conversations occurring daily (including […]

6 October 2009 35 Comments

Social media: will you still participate?

There is nothing good that does not has a cost attached. Everything that worth it will always make a demand from you. Today social media has become the buzz word. Many marketing communicators, public Relations experts and brand drivers are rushing into learning how to take advantage of the new trend. Trends as it is […]