23 February 2009 2 Comments

Shaping strategy: is your brand ready?

In the previous article, we started a discussion on the force of shaping strategy. This will be the concluding part for now until further notice. We need to note that not every brand is cut out to engage in shaping strategy. To engage, brand must consider the following and be convinced that answers given are […]

23 February 2009 104 Comments

The force of shaping strategy-1

Not quite long,I read a recent Harvard Business review which discusses strategy. The article got my whole attention and part of what I learnt is what I shared with you here today. I do think if you have anything to do with idea development or strategy, it will be a good read. In a previous […]

3 February 2009 247 Comments

Personal branding for cabin crew

Airline business is a very expensive one. Every investor knows that ROI in this business is a long term. Keeping expenses low is one of the priorities of airline business. No sane business men will hire too many hands which add costs. The need to pick the best of the available great hands makes this business […]

22 January 2009 5 Comments

Factors that help premium brand

To establish a premium brand-personal or corporate-in any niche is not an easy job but it is achievable. The first thing to do is to match delivery of expectation beyond what is available as well as manage the experience exceptionally. Consistency is also important. Consistency does not imply rigid attachment to old ways that are […]

10 January 2009 3 Comments

Conversation marketing playing ground

We have established that sitting on the fence when it comes to conversation marketing today is dangerous. It is like taking a position in the middle of a highway road. I do understand that for some, it appears we are speaking a foreign language with all the terms we are using here such as web […]

7 January 2009 7 Comments

Build to last brands

As brand owners or the brand itself (Personal Branding), it should be a concern to us to build a lasting brand that does not fizzle out before its time. In Africa, very few corporate brands have crossed the two hundred years of existence. Meanwhile, we have up to seven hundred years corporate brands in western world. […]

20 December 2008 34 Comments

Your idea and your pen

Most people who succeed in life have been traceable to great ideas or what I will call brands. The issue is that they do not need to be the originator of the ideas-though if they are it can be great. Psychologists say that tens of thousands of ideas pass through our thoughts every day. Most […]

19 December 2008 12 Comments

New business development

Getting new business is becoming a great issue in this recession time. Many hurdles are now on the way. Many have depended on referrals and old clients without tilling new grounds. Yes, new business development can be daunting, challenging but with adequate knowledge, planning, persistence, determination; some can still build new opportunities because this season […]

18 December 2008 5 Comments

Personal process re-engineering

As we get close to the end of 2008, its time to take stock and make projection. Part of my plan is to go over Rajesh setty’s book Beyond Code again. Aside from the fact that this young man’s life is an inspiration, this book is a bomb. Rajesh is an info entrepreneur who had […]