13 December 2011 0 Comments

Brand exposure: social or commercial opportunity route?

The dimension of changes we are witnessing in brand exposure strategy is becoming interesting. As we know, the power of brand indispensability is based on relevance, positioning and exposure. Several routes are now available in achieving this goal. There is an old way of doing stuff where all a brand needs to do is to […]

14 October 2010 12 Comments

Brand and community building strategy

Every day I get request from people who are tired of investing time in building a strong brand community. Some have tried severally to build a profitable and engaging community without success. Some of them are aware that there is a possibility that such state exist where a brand can achieve long desired goal of […]

20 May 2009 29 Comments

Will this brand strategy work?

Strategy is from the Greek word ‘strategia’. It has its root in the military which speaks volume about maneuvering troops to engage the enemy even before the war starts. A strategy has far-reaching impact on the success of anything, brand inclusive. To develop a strategy that will work, brand must understand its niche, players as […]

4 March 2009 6 Comments

Personal brand’s time bomb

Many things we do today may not have direct impact on us today but the effect can be longer and lasting. Every decision has correspondence result. For personal branding there are certain acts that are time bomb which a brand must plant in order to secure the future and its well-being  at no distance time. […]

10 January 2009 3 Comments

Conversation marketing playing ground

We have established that sitting on the fence when it comes to conversation marketing today is dangerous. It is like taking a position in the middle of a highway road. I do understand that for some, it appears we are speaking a foreign language with all the terms we are using here such as web […]