8 July 2013 1 Comment

Nigeria twitter Community: The influencers and the drama

Some of the best values of Twitter are its immediacy and news on the goal. We must commend the team behind this initiative as they keep refining the wheel. Twitter team has also gotten all major actors in the world to join its platform. Initially twitter was not part of online communication tools, but since […]

23 July 2012 17 Comments

11 negative factors that nullify your Twitter efforts

Twitter needs no introduction especially to marketing, communication professionals and many small scales brands. Some of the values twitter offer includes the followings. It creates brand awareness at the global level. Twitter helps brand to connect. More also, effective use of twitters helps a brand to build strong relationship which leads to verifiable business outcomes. […]

3 July 2012 18 Comments

Of social community,social organization and listening authority

Today we live with empowered species. No thanks to the level of awareness and rate at which information flows. No one is in the dark except those who chose to remain so. Even typical villagers now have assess to information through mass media or the ones communicated to them through mobile usage. It is no […]