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Yinka Olaito

20 October 2021 0 Comments Read 127 Times

How to increase the value of social selling skills

The age we live in requires a lot of adaptation and cultivation of several market-enhancing skills. Many are at a lost because they do not know which of the skills they should place a priority on. Whatever we do, we are in the fast age of social communications and selling. Surviving in this age without […]

13 October 2021 0 Comments Read 143 Times

Social Media: Implications for productivity and personal mental health

We live in a world saturated with social media tools. It is an overcommunicated world indeed. Several social media  platforms present opportunities  for us to share and position our brand Individuals and brandsare struggling to remain in the face of their audience. This has heightened  the competition. But at personal level,desire to be relevant and remain […]

7 September 2021 0 Comments Read 186 Times

Media employment landscape: Essential skills for…

The outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 came with many disruptions. Media and employment landscape had been badly shaken. These changes include changes in job nomenclatures. Many jobs had been lost while there has been changes to real definition of what work environment means. Today ‘remote or work from home’ has become part of the […]

5 August 2021 1 Comment Read 392 Times

Positive illusion, technology and the media industry orientation

The study of positive Illusion (PI) has its deep root in psychology. Its, PI?s influence, though majorly focused on individuals has implications for every industry. This is especially so for the media or marketing communications industry. Positive illusions is defined as ??a set of ?related beliefs that characterize the way people think about (1) themselves, […]

16 July 2021 0 Comments Read 329 Times

Nigeria’s Media Bill Amendments: Issues &Implications

Yinka Olaito on Nigeria's

There has been a controversy around the Nigeria’s national Assembly attempt to make spurious changes to the Nigeria Press Council (NPC) and Nigeria Broadcasting Commission (NBC) laws. Many of these changes had been viewed as an attempt to curtail freedom of speech and other associated media freedoms. Prior to now, the federal government through Minister […]

5 July 2021 0 Comments Read 291 Times

No Collateral, No Paperwork, Really?

Instant Loan advert, Product promise by Nigerian banks, Brand promise, Keeping it real, Financial institution disruptions, FCMB PLC, GTBank, Access Bank, Zenith Bank

A very important ingredient in branding or brand management as it were, which includes its strategy, is the promise. For a brand to be successful, promise keeping is essential across board. A good position to maintain is to under promise and over deliver and not the other way. Over the years, what is noticeable is […]

13 June 2021 0 Comments Read 448 Times

Will Tope Alabi do the needful?

A popular gospel artiste in Nigeria, Tope Alabi, ‘has being enjoying bad publicity’ since yesterday when a video? attributed to her surfaced online. In the video? Tope Alabi was? criticising a song titled ‘Oniduromi mi’ by another gospel artiste, Yinka Alaseyori. From popular opinion, Tope Alabi misinterpreted the true meaning of the title? and spoke […]

29 March 2021 0 Comments Read 579 Times

Social Media and Social capital building/Value

There exist an argument and counter argument with regards to whether media use, especially social media or thought leadership enhances social capital of people; especially that of the employee.? Those who argue against such benefit may need to examine what social capital really means. Prior to now, many see social capital as related only to […]

4 March 2021 0 Comments Read 674 Times

Executive Branding and Thought Leadership Value

The dynamism in the environment is practically affecting every space. None is spared. Technology keeps changing the landscape for good. Some believe the changes are bad because it is bringing more tension and work across the globe. Prior to about four decades ago, not much was heard about executive branding. With the advent of technology […]

16 February 2021 0 Comments Read 602 Times

Africa’s Media NGOs conference, Lagos 2021

The pandemic continues to shape our world in different spaces. Many organizations are stranded without knowing which direction to go. In the midst of all these, social impacts must be sustained to keep our world safe. Africa?s non-profit cannot afford to be silent in the scheme of things. Media industry and all its related organizations: […]