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Choosing a name for your brand

Author: yinkaolaito

Yinka Olaito is happy,excited and passionate Communications & Media specialist, Trainer and speaker. Yinka Olaito helps Profits and Non-profits with effective communication and positioning for premium service delivery and returns. Yinka Olaito also has special interest in Development Communication and has consulted for noted UN Agencies. Yinka Olaito is the CCO of Michael Sage Consulting(Communication/digital media), African Child Education Right Initiatives(NGO) and Content Director, Africa Development Talk( online Platform for discussion on Policy, Governance, development across Africa) and Africa Foundation for Young Media Professionals

brand-namebrand-name-2brand-name-3A name is important for an individual as well as a corporate brand. It is what one hears for the most part of his life, existence. Choice of that name must therefore be picked with a lot of carefulness. A name is important to determine a brand success and likeability. A name sometimes supplies the missing fantasy for emotional attachment

A long and difficult to pronounce name may put a brand in jeopardy. Today, let us examine some relevant stuffs that can help in choosing a brand’s name.

1. Distinctiveness: This has to do with uniqueness, individuality of the name. Is the name unique, does it stand out? Or does it promote, sound like another person’s or brand’s name?

2. Brevity: is the name short? Long name do not help much. Experts have suggested a one syllable or two at most as great. You can check this out. Think of great personal brands’ name or corporate, product and see how it goes with them. For personal brand, the first name should not be too long, because this what people call most than the surname. I must admit there is room for disruptive creativity if you want to.

3. Appropriateness: Is the name appropriate for the niche? Does the name scream against the norm? This may be an advantage sometimes though. In politics, for most countries, a known, appropriate name often carries the votes. But today disruptive tendencies are coming up. Barrack Hussein Obama may not look like it before in the United States of America but today story is changing.

4. Easy Spelling: this is really important. Great name that ensures success must be easy to spell. It also makes it easy for easy pronunciation. Long names are often difficulty to pronounce for non-native. If your brand will go global, think about this. This has become much more necessary for first name in personal branding.

5. Likability: is the name amiable, friendly, does it sound pleasant and loveable to the niche community?

6. ‘Extendabilty’: This goes more with product, services or corporate brand than for personal branding. This quality has to do with being extendable for a longer time.

7. Protectability: great names often enjoy protection from abuse and unnecessary invasion.

Having said these, do we think these are still important today; will this matter to you as brand or brand owner? Let me have your view.


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