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Rebranding Nigeria 2

Author: yinkaolaito

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brand-flaggToday I may digress a little. One of the things that touch my heart came up in the news yesterday night. Last night I tuned in to one of the Television channels for news at ten. The first channel I tuned to relay the news about re-branding Nigeria and that this time around it is going to be a re-branding by Nigerians. I initially laughed. But because I am passionate about this nation and the face of the individual I saw-Prof Dora Akinyuli- I cautioned myself as this Amazon has track record. I looked at the faces of people seated in the auditorium where the conference was held, I saw many old faces that had worked it before and failed. I asked myself, can’t there be new blood injected in this process since the younger ones will be up there in the future? Many questions were racing in my head. Will they get it right now? Will this not be another white elephant project? Which Nigerians are they talking about? The present crops of Nigerians who are mostly disgruntled, disorientated, hungry, angry, bitter or a new one? Will these Nigerians be interested in anything that can not put food on their tables, put clothes on their bodies, will this process bring their drop-out children back to school?

Let us keep our fingers crossed. Some of us who are passionate about what becomes of  this nation will do our best to project this new Nigeria of our dream. A place we can all be proud of, a place of unity, a land that flows with milk and honor. The great land that birthed wole soyinka, Chinua Achebe, Phillip Emeagwali, Tafawa Balewa, Col. Umar, The land that produced Gani Fawehinmi, The likes of Akinyuli, Alvan Ikoku, Kanu Nwankwo, Sunday Oliseh, Jay Okocha and the likes of Yinka olaito- do not laugh yet.

I see a new day and I do believe that this is prayer being answered. I just hope we do get it right now. If not the journey may still be long. I think there seems to be a ray of hope when I read in one of my friends’ blogs that he had been contacted for in puts. Let us keep hope high and believe that this is it. This is the joker we all have been hoping for. God bless Nigeria

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