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Personal Brand: Musa Yar Adua brand

Author: yinkaolaito

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yaradua#Today Nigerians mourn their President. Yar Adua came, saw, did his best and surrendered to death after fighting hard to win the battle.Musa Yar Adua was born about fifty eight years ago to a great family with good reputation.He was one of the privileged Northerners who had great educational background. He had Masters of Science degree in Analytical chemistry in 1980.

 With working experiences spanning  decades in both public and private organizations, Musa Yar became the Governor of katsina state in 1999 and was re-elected in 2003 before contesting for the president and won in 2007. His incumbency as president of Nigeria was initially welcomed as a great departure from non graduates ruling the Nation. Many believe that as a university graduate he would bring a lot of difference to the governance. But most of the associated ‘joy’ with his enthronement was truncated by his battle with chronic kidney disease. Due to the aforementioned, he frequently attended to his personal health. Be that as it may, our concern here is not political issues, but an honest assessment of Musa Yar Adua’s brand. So here is my assessment of Musa Yar Adua’s brand.

 Vision: One of the strongest weapons that make a personal branding journey easy is ability to know the direction of its voyage. Without a good grasp of where you are going, which is premised on self discovery, no personal brand will go anywhere. No one can deny that Brand Yar Adua had vision of where he was going. Unlike many of his mates, he understood the value of education as a weapon that can enhance his brand’s capacity. He strived hard and got a master’s degree in Analytical chemistry

 Strong passion: No brand can go far without strong passion. Despite brand Yar adua’s ailingh health, he has in built passion, determination to excel, pursue his mission and vision to become the best. While many would not dare because of health issues, Brand Yar adua dare to become his best by pursuing a great dream that would place a demand on his abilities.

 Transparency/honesty: honesty and transparency help a brand to enjoy sympathy when it errs. Brand Yar Adua openly declared his asset when he was sworn in as President. Till date he set a record most of Nigerian public office holders are afraid of. With the status of his health, he might have failed his audience as people expected more. Moral commitment to standards were part of his daily lifestyle.

 Commitment to good causes. As a brand, you must have cuases you belive in and pursue with passion. This will help your audience to see the stuff you are made of . It also often allows those who shared in that causes to buy in to your brand. Brand Musa Yar adua believed in justice and fair play. He gave the judiciary free hands to operate and helped enhance professional practise. To an extent, Brand musa Yar adua promised and did his best to stem corruption but much of his effort were not allowed to germinate as his failing health did not give him enough strength to pursue them to a logical conclusion.His commitment to ensure peace in the Niger Delta which endeared him to people in that region was truncated by his constant ill health that did not allow him to finish that assignment

Pursuit of ideas: ideas rule the world is a common cliche. Any brand that will excel must always look for new idea, try new stuff and be ready to make mistakes.Brand Musa Yar Adua may not be scored high here.It seemed to be slow with taking risk and trying out new ideas. The brand wanted to take it time before going ahead. No brand gains visibility by avoiding to take necessary   innovative actions that are essential.

Association: Association plays a key part in what becomes a strong personal brand. A brand is usually weighed by its association. Brand association begins with choice of friends, marriage partner, groups etc. As a professional, I think Brand Musa Yar Adua suffered a bit with some of the associations it connected. My assessment of this is especially focused on when he became the President.I do acknowledge that my opinions are not always final, but I think many of the people around Bran Musa Yar Adua were just go getters who care less of what befell  the brand as long as their egoes are fanned.

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