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Attention Economy: 6 routes to prominence

Author: yinkaolaito

Yinka Olaito is happy,excited and passionate Communications & Media specialist, Trainer and speaker. Yinka Olaito helps Profits and Non-profits with effective communication and positioning for premium service delivery and returns. Yinka Olaito also has special interest in Development Communication and has consulted for noted UN Agencies. Yinka Olaito is the CCO of Michael Sage Consulting(Communication/digital media), African Child Education Right Initiatives(NGO) and Content Director, Africa Development Talk( online Platform for discussion on Policy, Governance, development across Africa) and Africa Foundation for Young Media Professionals

Brand communication in Africa is gradually catching up with western style. The noise level is now rising. Africa business owners like the rest of the world now appreciate the value of online platforms. We are gradually paying to the value of attention economy. Getting relevant attention for whatever you do is a major factor. That is if your brand wants to succeed. Though challenging some traditional acceptable norms is still a huge fight. One of these challenges is that children and by extension teenagers should always keep quiet. This is changing though. The younger generation here are fast adopter of the digital. They are gradually changing the scene of attention economy. This is a discussion for another day.

To get attention, you need to be considered a brand of value. This will  all begins with creating awareness and being in the right place at the right time.  The attention economy has made everybody a reporter of a sort who wants to communicate their brands. Social activity that has been on the rise seems to be the fuel or catalyst for attention economy. Attention economy is a fast phase environment; if you do not walk fast enough you may be left behind.  To succeed you must change your cultural foundation which strengthen your position like ‘out of sight is not equal to out of mind. Aside from this, brand must note that promoting and unnecessarily ‘fanning’ your ego will make you crash without warning. If attention economy is such important. How do you make a mark? There are several routes to this but let us examine these routes.

Come to the table with a valuable item: Attention economy does not accept anyone coming to the table with empty hands. You cannot afford to be a beggar in this economy. There is a need to search internally; identify your unique gift or talent other individuals do not have. Sharpen that uniqueness and bring it to the table for others to enjoy. This among other factors will aid brand prominence. Do not forget, offering something of value creates opportunity now and in the future.

Build bridges and be a promoter: you can start anything within your room, but you cannot reach the pinnacle without the support of some. Attention economy makes the demand on everyone who wants to be a player to learn the rope in building bridges among several cultures and tribe. More importantly, building bridges within your tribe is a must. Not this alone, you must be other people brands promoter.

Stay in touch: A major route to prominence in attention economy is staying in touch. You cannot afford to stay away for long. If you stay away for long, others may get the attention of your clients. Options are now everywhere. Even religious houses are not spared now. I was watching an interview when the guest was asked what is going to church means. The guest said ‘watching TBN’. Interesting! You think.

Translate online relationship into physical mutual benefits: In addition to the above, reigning in attention economy also demands we work hard on translating every beneficial online relationship to physical online. We still do ot live and eat on the internet. We still inhabit the flesh and we need to communicate and relate with human. When we know how to translate online relationship into physical mutually beneficial relationship we stand to gain much relevance. Have you ever noticed how major influencers constantly meeting that pulls crowd to them?

Create new opportunity for all, always: selfishness and greed do not help today. Thinking about benefits accruable to you only will hurt your brand more. So instead create new opportunities for all, always.

Continuously oil the wheel: The last route here may seem common but it is also important. Reaching prominence in attention economy is not a one night stand. it is not a destination, it is an ongoing process. Make it part of your plan to oil the wheel everywhere. What do you have to add.

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