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Tim Tebow: A guide to influencer marketing

Author: yinkaolaito

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Tim Tebow 24, real name, Timothy Richard just made the latest `Times 100 persons of global influence` list. One cannot but be happy with this young man whose name appears on a list that includes Barrack Obama, Goodluck Jonathan an Romney among others.
Tim Tebow brand offers a great guide to influencers’ marketers on great qualities that can sell a brand. Influencer marketing is not new to marketing professionals as it is an offspring of relationship marketing. The only difference here is that influencer, ambassador and Spokesperson marketing focusses on key individuals whose goodwill can be tapped for brand advantage.

What we have noticed though is that in most cases influencer, influential or Spokesperson marketing often goes sour hence the need to follow the following guides in Tim Tebow’s brand. Tim Tebow, a quarterback with New York Jets is a great guy with some outstanding performance and awards like Heisman Trophy, Davey O’ Brien award, SEC 2008 athlete award, Gator’s single, career single, AP player of the year 2007 and W.V. Campbell 2009 award among others.
Tim Tebow is known for his Christian values and sound character. A coach once referred to Tim as the strongest man who ever played the quarterback. For influencer marketers, certain features in Tim Tebow brand can serve as a guide which help in determining brand’s choice of a brand’s influencer and spokesperson.

Inspirational: before choosing a brand influencer or spokesperson you need to check if the personality of person is inspirational to your target audience at least. Anyone without inspirational attribute will not be a good material for the brand’s fortune. Tim Tebow’s brand story stand out. He was home-schooled and needed to fight for relevance among his mates that attended formal school. Also securing a shirt to participate in the sports was a real fight for significance. Tim Tebow`s charity was another tool. He founded Tim Tebow Foundation which encourages youth in US and Philipine’s school to become the best. Tim had touched and remained an inspiration to many. A particular example was Tim Tebow’s free gate ticket he gave a 16 year Bakey Knaub who already had 70 surgeries due to an ailment.

Walking the Talk: Tim Tebow walks his talk. His Christian faith influenced his lifestyle both on and outside the pitch. He consistently lives a life he passionately talks about. In selecting a spokesperson or brand ambassador, be sure the individual does not live a double life. The inconsistency will be clouds your brand’s image.
Love and hate relationship: standing for something will position a person against some people who feel intimidated with the person’s opinion. Many hate Tim for his Christian stance and values. As brand ambassador the individual must enjoy a level of love and hate and that will strengthen the reason for your choice.

A distinctive local or global signature: one other feature that will enhance your choice of influencer or spokesperson is if the individual has a distinctive signature. For David Becham every knows the logo of a football shape peculiar to him. For Tim Tebow a kneel bow and a hand on the kneel or the forehead known as ‘Tebowing’ Tim Tebow rule stands him out.

Idea/movement: a great benefit of a distinctive personal signature often helps great influencers to create a movement that can rub off on the brands that select them. ‘Tebowing’ is now a movement around the world as a sign of worship giving glory to God for a goal or success achievement.

Rachel Whatt, US Beauty Queen 'Tebowing'Strong engagement or fan followership: this feature is highly important if your brand investment must produce measurable result. Tim strong engagement and fan followership has been tested. In 2009 BCS championship, Tim wore eyeblack on his jersey which reads John3:16. It was recorded that that verse gained highest search of 90 Millions within 24 hours. In another instance Tim also had `Tim Tebow and Prov. 3:5-6` on his jersey and this also enjoyed 3:43Million search within 24 hours. If a brand chose a personality that can draw such attention to it what do you think will happen? A critical look at this guide will help an influential or brand ambassador marketer in no small way. Can you add anything?

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