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Margaret Thatcher and The 10 laws of digital media

Author: yinkaolaito

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Margaret Thatcher, Margaret Thatcher Bio, Margaret Thatcher and Social media, Margaret Thatcher and digital Media, Laws of social and digital MediaBarroness Margaret Thatcher is dead is no longer news. She died peacefully at the age of 87. She had a record of been the only female Prime Minister United Kingdom has ever had till date. No doubt Margaret Thatcher was a cat of many lives. She was an iron lady to some while many others feel she brought the necessary reforms to United Kingdom.

Whatever people say, leaders must take decision and stand by them. This we could say Margaret Thatcher represented. She was a strong personality and she was blessed with opportunity to stay in power for three regimes. Not every leader stands for something but Margaret Thatcher was known for her principled life even though she eventually offended some in the process. Our emphasis today is in 10 laws of social/digital media that can be inferred from Margaret Thatcher’s life.

Start early: No much progress can be made overnight. Those who succeed start early. Leadership traits have to be acquired. The earlier you set out to build necessary skills and making adequate plan for your digital media activities the better for you. Do not wait till the day you are supposed to break your campaign before you begin to run around. Early preparation is essential.

Have a game plan: Despite Margaret Thatcher’s humble background (her father was said to be running grocery stores), she was determined to make a change. She had a game plan. She pursued education and was actively involved in student leadership where she honed her skills. She ended up being the first female student leader in Oxford.

Learn new and important skill for the job: Margaret Thatcher initially started out as a Chemist. Along the line, she saw a need for knowledge of law, equity and basic stuff/relationship between law and governance. She went back to acquire law degree despite the fact that she was married and saddled with responsibility of being a wife and mother. Where you are going may require new skills to succeed. Stop the excuse and go for the required skills. You will never regret you did.

Listen to all but never take everyone too seriously: A basic skill everyone needs to learn is listening. For social/digital media professional this skill is essential. To succeed, you must not take everyone so seriously. There are voices you must listen to while it is also essential to ignore others. Ability to identify the important voices is vital to success. Margret Thatcher listened but she had to take certain decisions which may not be favourable to all.

Mistakes or defeats should not deter you from following your goal: there is no outstanding success without a measure of defeats. When you fail, learn the lesson and move on. Margaret Thatcher contested election in 1950 and was defeated. Yet she stood for what she believed and pressed on. The story changed around 1959. That was nine years later.

Remove impossibility; keep looking for the way ahead: in addition to the above, there are always obstacles to success. Do not concentrate on the impossible. Politics is often regarded as male dominated profession/calling. Despite this Thatcher demonstrated there are no insurmountable walls of Jericho

Never quit until you leave a mark: Those who quit do not make a mark. Those who make a mark stay on. It is a choice you have to make. The only caveat here is that you can quit if you know you are not on the right part.

Associate or select team that believe in the goal: Your association will affect your success. Margret Thatcher’s marriage was a solid pillar in her success. Even though her husband was a divorcee when they met but she had enough sense to go ahead. Throughout their marriage, Dennis Thatcher was never an insecure man who could not stomach his wife’s success. He gave all the support she needed. Do not also forget Margaret Thatcher’s friendship with a former Oxford university student who also was a friend of Chair of the Dartford Conservative association helped in a strategic meeting that changed Thatcher’s life in 1948.

Do not be afraid terrified by the market leader: Many are often afraid of disruptions. Not all disruptions are necessary but there is wisdom in knowing which is essential. Margret Thatcher contested against her boss and won. Know when to face the oligarchy and when to avoid the dangers

Know when to quit: After much opposition and when Margaret Thatcher’s became unpopular, she opted for resignation in 1989. You must know when to pull down a campaign.

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