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Miley Cyrus,VMA,Social Media and the need for balance

Author: yinkaolaito

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Miley cyrus, Robin Thicke, Social media and sex, Social media strategy, Advertising goes sour, Social Communication, Communication strategyIt is now a popular internet news that Miley Cyrus, a young lady who is twenty by all report, had gained unimaginable popularity from what many considered ‘indecent dress and public behaviour`. The Parent Television Council had issued a notice against unnecessary sexual innuendoes to market the yearly awarded which allowed Miley Cyrus such audacity. This is considered so because Miley Cyrus is seen as a child star/influencer.

Many people had now discovered the negative backlash Miley received was pre planned. Her near nude dress and twerking of her rear behind against another male artiste, Robin Thicke, is pre arranged to be used for publicity for her, her music and about to be released album. Whether that is true or not, Miley Cyrus and her handlers had achieved this. The claimed now is that her rating globally changed within 48 hours after the show. Many even agreed that Miley Cyrus might not have received any award but she stole the show as well as benefitted immensely after.
According to report her mention on twitter was going over three hundred and six thousand per minute, she was mentioned on twitter for over Nine Million times between sunday and Monday. This is aside many other valuable online benefits. While we can say she had gained much, albeit through negative publicity, our concern here is what is the implication of this on the perception of Miley Cyrus` brand from now onward? More also what kind of influence will this have on those little minds(Children) who had seen her as role model and more also will this act not provoke the continuous use of this strategy by other musicians who had not thought along this line?

We need to acknowledge though that morality and brands may most times be good cousin but should a brand thrive or use cheap or bad publicity communication to gain notoriety? Even if that works for a moment, can it sustains the tempo like if it has followed acceptable way?

In this article by Sadhbw Walshe, the writer raised some fundamental issues which made Miley cyrus missed the point in using sex to achieve greater visibility. Sadhbw Walshe made a very striking conclusion which calls for deeper consideration. Here is what she said: If she learns anything from this disastrous outing, I hope it?s that if she?s going to allow the music industry to play her as a sex object, she needs to at least own it.

It is true some may question the word ‘acceptable` and considered it relative base on context and environment. Some will also say what is wrong with being defiant and disruptive? Our question today is what is your take on this? Should brands capitalize on social media and do anything as long as it delivers expected result irrespective of the strategy whether it is follows acceptable medium or not?

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